The hope of North American Dota 2 made a return to streaming. However, Arteezy is now streaming on Kick instead of Twitch.

This is not a drill, ladies and gentlemen. The king of North American Dota 2, Arteezy, has announced his return to streaming. However, rather than streaming on Twitch, he is now streaming on Kick. Very little has changed in terms of his Twitch and his Kick streams. It's the same old Arteezy with his same old playlist and his usual gameplay. Arteezy had his first official Kick stream on Nov. 8, and the Dota 2 community tuned in.

Arteezy streams on Kick

The legendary player announced on social media that he's returning to the streaming world. In a simple post, he just wrote, "mode streamer returns." Not too long after, Arteezy posted a link to his Kick page for his first debut stream on the platform. This return to the streaming world could be due to the new Shopify roster needing some time to be put together. Shopify recently released Crit, Fly, and Abed from its roster.

Arteezy's announcement received a mixed response from the community. Although the community loves Arteezy's streams, it seems like they aren't willing to switch platforms. Arteezy's new stream on Kick didn't reach the same amount of viewership as his previous Twitch streams.

During his Kick stream, he averaged around 3,000 viewers. At one point, he briefly switched back to Twitch. During his Twitch stream, he returned to his typical viewership of around 9,000 viewers.

Arteezy (Image via ESL)
Arteezy (Image via ESL)

So suffice to say, Arteezy's Kick transition seems like an uphill battle. However, there is always room to grow. The Dota 2 community will be watching Arteezy's growth on the Kick platform, and you can catch Arteezy's stream on his channel.

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