“I AM THE BEST IN THE WORLD” – ATF reaches 14,000 MMR and overtakes watson to become the highest-ranked Dota 2 player

ATF is the second player to have reached 14,000 MMR.

Team Falcons' star player Ammar "ATF" Al-Assaf  has climbed to the number one spot in the Dota 2 European leaderboard, overtaking Entity's watson who has ceaselessly assumed the throne. The young 19-year-old prodigy shared a screenshot of his current and peak MMR (matchmaking rating), standing at a glorious 14,000 MMR.



ATF becomes the second player to reach 14,000 MMR

Team Falcons' ATF had a solid year so far with rampant wins in 2024.
Team Falcons' ATF had a solid year so far with rampant wins in 2024.

ATF has long nestled among the top Dota 2 players on the European leaderboard. But this is his first time reaching the rank #1 milestone and simultaneously entering the 14K MMR territory. He is the second player in history to have ever achieved 14K MMR, following closely behind Alimzhan "watson" Islambekov who reached the massive rating three weeks ago.

This feat also marks a rare dethrone for watson who had long stayed at the helm of the European leaderboard. There were short instances when he dropped to rank #2, overtaken by players like Quinn and Satanic. The Kazakhstani carry player often successfully grabs his spot back at the top but we'll have to see how his fate turns out against ATF.

Who's in the top 10 of the EU leaderboard?

The European region, being the most competitive and concentrated, likely has the highest-rated players in the world. Although there is no direct way for us to check individual player MMRs, we can assume that the European region holds the highest ceiling among other regions.

With ATF now standing on top of the world, who are other players that follow behind him? The top 10 players in the EU leaderboard as of June 15 are:

  • Team Falcons ATF
  • Entity watson
  • BetBoom Team Save-
  • Shopify Rebellion skem
  • BetBoom Team Nightfall
  • OG bzm
  • Virtus.pro squad1x
  • Tundra Esports 9Class
  • Team Spirit Collapse
  • Entity DM

Will ATF hold on to 14K MMR and retain his rank #1 position, or will watson reclaim his throne as the world's highest-ranked Dota 2 player? Keep up with Dota 2 news on esports.gg!