Arteezy lets us know that muting people in Dota 2 shouldn’t mute their buyback cover image

Arteezy lets us know that muting people in Dota 2 shouldn’t mute their buyback

Arteezy has a gripe with a bugged Dota 2 mechanic that unintentionally mutes buybacks and other important information when you mute a player.

While enduring toxicity and all chatters is sadly a normal part of Dota 2, it turns out that muting your opponents isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either. Artour "Arteezy" Babaev took to Twitter on Wednesday evening (Feb. 22) to gripe about an annoying feature of Dota 2.

The Shopify Rebellion carry pointed out that muting players in-game meant that all features of their character became muted, including buybacks. This means if an opponent buys back during a crucial team fight, and they’re muted, you might not be able to react.

Did Arteezy miss Aster’s buybacks?

The tweet comes after Shopify Rebellion’s two hard-fought matches on Day 1 of the Lima Major 2023. After a 2-0 stomp of BetBoom, Shopify Rebellion’s and Arteezy battled Team Aster in one of the most hard-fought series so far. In the final game, Arteezy’s team almost wiped at the final push in a thrilling end to the game.

It’s unknown if the buyback mute buy affected this, causing SR to struggle against Team Aster. Or perhaps it was a post-tournament pub game that was leading Arteezy to complain. Either way, its definitely an annoying bug. And according to Into The Breach’s Andreas "Xibbe" Ragnemalm, it also affects tower denies, and presumably other in-game actions.

Dota 2 is such a complex game, that it's frankly surprising we don’t see have more bugs like this. At least this one isn’t massively exploitable, and rather, mildly annoying.

Arteezy and the rest of Shopify Rebellion are in action today (Feb. 23) at the Lima Major.