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Arkosh Gaming rebrands in heroic style – no longer the villains of NA Dota? cover image

Arkosh Gaming rebrands in heroic style – no longer the villains of NA Dota?


Arkosh Gaming has rebranded itself following its dramatic roster announcement. No longer agents of evil, but instead bastions of hope and justice for NA Dota.

NA Dota organization Arkosh Gaming has undergone a dramatic rebrand, dropping their dark-roots and embracing the light in a switch of alignments. The once villains of NA unveiled their new look across social media and with a dramatic video reveal on YouTube on the evening of Dec. 10.
In the reveal, Arkosh Gaming’s purple, black, and red aesthetic was replaced placed by blue and gold, with the former ram’s skull becoming a lamb's head instead.
Redubbing Xcalibur as The Zealot, Monkey’s Forever as Monk-Canicus, Zfreek as Commandant Freedman, Qojqva as The Stranger, and Febby as Febbus-Anatis, the new-look Arkosh stays true to its larger-than-life style and lore-soaked roots. But, spiced up with some Warhammer 40k-inspired titles (someone’s been playing Darktide we think) and incredible voice acting from Baldermort.
The new logo was reportedly created in collaboration with the talented Matt Cristello, an artist who has previously worked on numerous incredible Dota 2 Workshop creations. 

New roster, new look for Arkosh Gaming

With the reveal of a dramatically talented roster yesterday, Arkosh Gaming has flipped the script on the NA Dota scene. While many were forecasting doom and gloom, as NA’s storied EG organization leaves the scene, and Quinn "Quinn" Callahan departs for EU, Arkosh’s development from caster and personality meme-team into a fully fledged, and surprisingly competitive-looking bucks the trend. 
However, whether Arkosh Gaming will be able to retain its meme magic and momentum with a softened look, and a position as heroes in the NA DPC rather than villains, remains to be seen. Whatever the case, there’s at least a few more reasons to stay tuned to the NA DPC this season.
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