Amaterasu, Dota 2’s most sought after courier cover image

Amaterasu, Dota 2’s most sought after courier


The Candyworks of The International 2022 Battle Pass Part II has reignited the quest for Amaterasu, one of Dota 2’s most sought after couriers. 

There are plenty of rare Dota 2 items: Arcanas, sought after Battle Pass sets that are no longer available, and plenty of voice lines that people would love to unlock and spam. But with the release of The Candyworks, Dota 2 players have been reminded of one of the rarest couriers in the game, the Amaterasu courier
The Amaterasu courier gives you the sun goddess herself, Ōkami Amaterasu, as your loyal item-carrying creature in Dota 2. The courier was original released in 2017, as an incentive for purchasing Okami HD on Steam, the HD remaster of the 2006 classic. As an early purchase bonus, buying the game gave you your Okami courier, at least until January 15, 2018, when the promotion ended.
Since then, there has been no way of obtaining this courier, until now. The Candyworks has thrown open the Dota 2 vaults, and this account locked, untradable item is once again up for grabs. 

What's Okami HD?

(Image via Konami)
(Image via Konami)
Okami HD was the HD remake of Clover Studios 2006 game Ōkami. Published by Konami, the publisher teamed up with Valve to hype up the distribution of the game on Steam with its own unique courier in Ōkami's signature cell-shaded style.
Clover Studios, the makers of Ōkami, was shut down by Konami in 2006, after making four legendary games in Viewtiful Joe, Viewtiful Joe 2, Ōkami, and God Hand. Their games would all go on to become cult classics, and many of the developers would move on to Platinum Games, the makers of Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Nier: Automata. Sadly, none of these games have any couriers or other cosmetics in Dota 2.

How much is the Amaterasu Dota 2 courier worth?

It’s been listed as one of the most valuable things available in the Candyworks, but no official Steam market listing exists for Amaterasu. Instead, the value of the Amaterasu courier comes from its unattainability, and the fact that accounts that are sold with the item often fetch hundreds of dollars. 
But is the Amaterasu worth it? Well, any valuation on the courier is going to plummet with the introduction of new stock. The courier was once only available for less than half a year, and now a whole new wave of them will flood the unofficial account buying markets. What’s more, as an untradeable and non-transferable item, the value is only as high as someone is willing to pay.
Amaterasu isn’t the only highly sought after item in The Candyworks, and a recent Reddit thread has listed some of the most valuable. Truly this part of the Battle Pass might be the best opportunity many of us have to catch up with our collection of rare Dota 2 collectables!
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