Following a disappointing run in the DPC, Alliance releases Handsken and okcya from its lineup.

Western European (WEU) team, Alliance has announced that it is parting ways with team captain Simon "Handsken" Rasmus Haag, and team coach, Niklas "okcya" Koskinen. The reason for the roster change was highlighted by co-owner of Alliance, Jonathan "Loda" Berg, stating that the team "had a breakdown of trust" in the midst of their time competing together. As a result, the team will rebuild to move forward into the next season.

Alliance releases Handsken and okcya after a poor season

Alliance hasn't been in its best form this season, concluding the DPC with a score of 1-6. Following the team's poor string of performances, they faced the inevitable relegation and the org was forced to make changes.

Alliance announced that it is parting ways with team captain and pos 5, Handsken, as well as the team coach, okcya. Handsken was one of the older members of Alliance who transitioned from pos 4 to pos 5 in the new season, however, the transition didn't work out well. Okcya, on the other hand, had been coaching Alliance since the start of the Winter Tour.

After the announcement, Loda posted an official statement to disclose the situation behind closed doors. He mentioned that the team worked hard throughout the season, however, some of their players were not on the same page. As a result, Alliance has decided to rebuild before entering the next season.

There was a breakdown of trust within the team itself and the org was requested to step in. We worked hard to remedy the situation but early this year it became clear that some players within the team were not willing to keep moving forward together.

Jonathan "Loda" Berg

The possible changes are still unclear, and for now, former pro and streamer Henrik "AdmiralBulldog" Ahnberg will serve as a stand-in.

Following the departure of Handsken, Alliance's roster is now:

  • Nikolay "Nikobaby" Nikolov | Pos 1
  • Ondřej "Supream^" Štarha | Pos 2
  • Rodrigo "Leslão" Santos | Pos 3
  • Adam "Aramis" Moroz | Pos 4
  • Henrik "AdmiralBulldog" Ahnberg | (SUB)

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