A familiar face returns to Alliance as they sign Pablo, depriving Team Bald Reborn of one of their weapons for Regional Qualifiers.

Alliance has rounded out their Dota 2 roster ahead of The International 2023 Western European Regional Qualifiers by adding Axel "Pablo" Källman. The roster move was announced on Alliance’s official social media on August 7.

With the move, Pablo returns to Alliance for the first time since a stint in 2017. Pablo also briefly subbed for the team in 2015, but wasn’t called up to play. Since 2021, the Swedish support player has been a part of Team Bald Reborn, a team featuring streamers Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski and Steve "Xcalibur" Ye.

In a tinge of irony, Pablo was also part of the Team Bald line-up that ended Alliance's hopes of a last-ditch TI11 run in 2022. Now Pablo returns to Alliance to help them secure a spot in TI12, rather than play spoiler for the squad. Perhaps Alliance were taking no chances, and made sure Team Bald wouldn’t be a part of this qualifier, signing Pablo away just days before the roster lock! This is just light-hearted speculation though…

Alliance starts TI12 campaign with Pablo signing

Pablo replaces Remus "ponlo" Goh Zhi Xian as Alliance's four position player after the latter departed the team in late July. The removal came after a disappointing season for Alliance who again struggled to escape the Division II spot they’ve become accustomed to in recent years.

Now Alliance seem primed for a TI12 campaign where they hope to head to Seattle and take part in The International for the first time since 2019. Alongside the upcoming Western European Regional Qualifiers, Alliance is also participating in the BetBoom Dacha tournament hoping to gather valuable experience ahead of the qualifiers.

You can tune into Alliances matches on BetBoom’s official Twitch channel

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