Nerfs to Lycan,, Beastmaster, Venge and more with the 7.30c update.

Valve has released a gameplay update to Dota 2 hours after PSG.LGD took down Team Spirit to win the OGA DotaPIT Invitational. The 7.30c gameplay update brings significant changes to a several heroes and is sure to shake up the current meta. Also, Dawnbreaker joins Captains Mode and might play a crucial role in the TI10 drafts. 

The OGA DotaPIT Invitational saw teams come up with innovative gameplay and some really interesting drafts. Tundra Esports led the charge with unique mid heroes that caught their opponents off-guard. Here’s all you need to know about the 7.30c gameplay update and how it will affect your pub games moving forward.

What’s new in 7.30c Dota 2 Update?

Dawnbreaker joins Captains Mode: To bring changes to meta

Right off the bat, we see Dawnbreaker’s entry to Captains Mode. The melee strength hero was added to the game with the 7.29 patch update and saw a rather underwhelming reception. But Valve has continuously tinkered around with his stats and even added the Aghanim’s Shard and Scepter upgrade to the hero. The developers feel Dawnbreaker is ready to join the competitive ranks and this theory will be put to test by pro teams in the upcoming tournaments.

Dawnbreaker's addition is significant because, as teams look to gain any competitive advantage before TI, the hero could prove to be the joker card in the mix. 

The previous patch had seen Lycan and Beastmaster with increasing pick-rates and dominant games. Valve has now nerfed the Helm of the Overlord, dealing a severe blow to the Zoo meta. The nerfs are across the board with lower values for attributes, health regen and armor. The creep bounty is also 250 instead of +200 previously. 

7.30c Hero changes: Omniknight's Heavenly Grace no longer OP

Continuing with the nerf to the Zoo meta, Beastmaster and Lycan have lower damage and lower health regen for the wolf hero. Together with the changes to the helm of the Overlord, this should mean the end of the Zoo meta. 

OmniKnight’s Heavenly Grace can now be dispelled, one of the biggest changes for the 7.30c update. Omniknight was becoming extremely popular in pubs as well as pro games. The biggest reason for the hero’s popularity was its undispellable (before 7.30c) Heavenly Grace. Heavenly Grace grants 50% status resistance as well bonus strength and HP regen.

Other heroes that received nerfs include Keeper of the Light, Pango, Bane, Vengeful Spirit and more. Venge’s Aghanim's Scepter illusion bonus movement speed reduced from 25% to 12%, making her an easier target for opponents. The update also reduces the stacking XP, but the gold remains unaffected.

Dota 2 players can check out the 7.30c patch notes here.

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