Liquid’s 33 seemingly refused post-game handshake with GG, Quinn and Blitz respond cover image

Liquid’s 33 seemingly refused post-game handshake with GG, Quinn and Blitz respond

Quinn and blitz spoke up to defend Team Liquid’s 33 following his no-handshake incident.

Dota 2 and handshake dramas, here we go. During day two of the BetBoom Dacha Dubai Group Stage, Team Liquid and Gaimin Gladiators faced off in their competitive debut of the year. But after a much familiar loss for Team Liquid, Neta "33" Shapira, was caught refusing the post-game handshakes and it quickly spiraled into a heated discussion.

Team Liquid's 33 refused GG's handshakes after loss

It might be a new competitive season in Dota 2, but the rivalry between Team Liquid and Gaimin Gladiators remain alive. The two teams have been on the backseat throughout January, and both finally had their debut in BetBoom Dacha Dubai, interestingly against each other.

The BO2 (best-of-two) was a quick victory for Gaimin Gladiators. They wrapped up the series in under 60 minutes, proving they are still Liquid's kryptonite. And as per usual, players of Gaimin Gladiators approached Liquid for the post-match handshakes, a tradition of sportsmanship. But 33 was caught refusing their handshakes.

This sparked a discussion among the community. Some believe that it was due to the quick loss and 33 wasn't in the state of mind. Some also pointed out that it was only a Group Stage game thus handshakes are not necessary. A Reddit thread also drew attention to this incident, but it took a turn when the discussions became political.

Quinn and Blitz defend 33 after the incident

Following the heat against 33, Quinn and William "Blitz" Lee took up to Twitter/X to defend the offlaner. Quinn clarified that there is no beef between him and 33, also empathizing with the feeling after a loss.

"It's some clowntown bo2 people don't gotta shake hands this crap doesn't matter and there's no beef me and (33) are homies. Losing just sucks and it feels giga weird to have to go do it after a bo2, (that's) all," Quinn posted.

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He also responded to a comment, stating that fans are over reading into the situation. "When you lose like this on the mainstage sometimes you're truly emotionally just wrecked (..
) It's not some egregious crime it's literally nothing."

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Team Liquid's coach, Blitz, also posted that there is no issue regarding the 33 situation. He also jokingly mentioned that "we simply just hate Quinn".

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This is not the first time the Dota 2 community flocks around a no-handshake incident. Previously, Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk was also in the hot seat after he walked off stage and didn't give handshakes to Talon Esports. This happened during the Lima Major after Team Spirit faced an unexpected loss.

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