The former rank #1 in Southeast Asia now has to climb from rank #200 due to a bugged MMR recalibration.

Southeast Asia's star player, Nuengnara "23savage" Teeramahanon, has been on top of the region's leaderboard for a long time. He is renowned for breaking records in the MMR race - becoming the first 12K MMR player, and most recently, becoming the first to reach 13K MMR. However, he recently tumbled down the leaderboard after an odd recalibration process and it seems to be a bug!

23savage loses 3K MMR despite a successful recalibration

Last night, 23savage revealed that he has recalibrated his Dota 2 account with a post on his Instagram Story. Unlike how it was a few years ago, Recalibrations are annual and completely optional. Some players opt for recalibrations to gamble and get more MMR by winning at least half of the games during the recalibration process. However, it didn't work out that way for 23savage.

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According to his next post, after 9 wins and 3 losses, 23savage recalibrated at 9K MMR. This is a ridiculous drop from his original rating which was at 12.5K MMR. He lost more than 3K MMR despite winning most of his recalibration games, which means the process has to be bugged. He posted another Story, showing a 200-rank medal and captioned it "Back to basic."

This is definitely a huge issue, however, it is not the first case.

Ex-pro player, Inflame, drops to 10 MMR after similar bug

This is a recent case that happened after Muerta's arrival. An ex-pro player from China, Inflame, faced a matchmaking nightmare when he recalibrated his account. From what was 8K+ MMR, he ended up with only 10 MMR and a Herald 1 medal. This bug was seemingly caused by the few Muerta that he played during the recalibration process which many suspected had crashed the recalibration process.

This might be a similar case for 23savage's recalibration, however, he did not play Muerta in the last couple of days. It is a painful bug to deal with, and we certainly hope no more players fall down the recalibration hole!

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