Halsey and SUGA channel the Blessed Mother for a Diablo 4-themed remix.

I guess when you have a song called 'Lilith' off your album of re-self discovery that you've just got to lean into it. Released today as part of the build up to Diablo 4, Halsey and SUGA of BTS fame partied up for a song reimagining fit for a Blessed Mother. Originally released on Halsey's 2021 album If I Can't Have Love I Want Power, this new version of the song Lilith swaps out vocal-tone manipulation for a backing track more fit for Diablo.

Halsey, SUGA - Lilith (Diablo IV Anthem)

The release of Lilith is a bit of a long game when it comes to Halsey and Diablo 4. The pop artist has been part of the game's marketing from the word go. This includes a performance at The Game Awards as the Diablo 4 baddy herself and another song from her used in the initial story trailer.

The Diablo 4 anthem version swaps out a lot of the electronica backing for a more gothic take on the song, even going as far as using sound effects from the game. According to Halsey on Social Media, "We both grew up playing the games and I’ve always wanted to do a concept with SUGA with this type of dark mythology."

And the song itself? Blink and you'll miss it at three minutes long. Even more so if you're here solely for SUGA. He's relegated to an all too short verse that's essentially just a repeat of the chorus. That said, it continues to be a big darn deal to see mainstream western acts cross over with kpop stars.

No word yet on if this track with Halsey and SUGA for Diablo 4 will see a physical release. We all know how popular vinyl is these days. So don't be shocked if it gets included in a special edition down the road.

As for Diablo 4, it officially releases about seven hours from now.

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