The Unkillable Zywoo! Vitality 16-1 Complexity at PGL Antwerp cover image

The Unkillable Zywoo! Vitality 16-1 Complexity at PGL Antwerp

Complexity go down 0-1 as Vitality dominate in a 16-1 game. Zywoo picks up a no death game at the Major.

Opening matches at PGL Antwerp and we already have a Zywoo banger. Vitality dominates Complexity to go 1-0 in the Challengers Stage. With Zywoo ending on 0 deaths, Misutaa and Magisk popping off, the NA side had no path into the game.

Map Veto goes to Inferno

The map veto already showed bad signs for Complexity. With Complexity removing the puggy maps Mirage and Dust2, and Vitality removing the specialist trio of Vertigo, Ancient, and Overpass, the game went to Inferno. Inferno has been Vitality's best map with the new lineup even if they haven't had a flawless record on it. With this veto, the game was already favoring the French-Danish mix.

The Missing Youngster goes Nuclear - Misutaaa 17-6

Ever since this roster came together, Misutaaa has been struggling to perform in his new roles. But at the major, it looks like he has come in guns blazing. The youngster was top fragging from the get-go and was the driving force behind Vitality's 14-1 CT half. On the T side as well, he was playing like a terminator, running in and popping heads.

Zywoo 0 Deaths at PGL Antwerp

0 Death games are very rare in CS:GO even in stomps. But doing this as a Major is just impossible. Well, Zywoo has made a career out of doing the impossible so this is just another incredible performance for the chosen one. Despite only getting 11 kills, the superstar stole the spotlight with his infinite K/D ratio.

Complexity: Expected Result, Unexpected Scoreline

For Complexity, a loss to Vitality was expected. But losing in a 16-1 fashion is beyond disappointing. Not only did Junior and Grim bottom frag, as usual, but JT's calling also looked terrible compared to apEX. The French IGL read his South African Counterpart like a book. Now going into the 0-1 matches, the outlook doesn't look great for them to advance out of the Challengers stage.

Vitality will play again today in the 1-0 round of games. With many picking the team to go 3-0, Zywoo's 11-0 is a good sign for their run at PGL Antwerp. Stay tuned to for continuous coverage of the PGL Antwerp Major.