The Academy league now features ten teams with the playoffs on LAN at Kyiv.

WePlay has announced details of the next season of the WePlay Academy League, which will now feature ten teams. The new season will run for 14 days in January 2022 and feature a $100,000 prize pool. The playoffs will take place in February at the WePlay Esports Arena in Kyiv.

Spirit Academy and Eternal Fire Academy are the two organizations joining the WePlay Academy League.

MOUZ NXT has won both the previous editions of the tournament. However, recent reports claim the team might see some changes with some players moving on to the main roster. 

 With the new teams in the competition, there will be a format change for the tournament. 

The Group Stage of the tournament will start with two double round-robin groups. The top team from each group will proceed to the Playoff Stage, while teams placed second to fifth will compete for the vacant slots in the ‘Gauntlet Stage’.

The WePlay Academy League has been instrumental in helping develop the tier 2 scene, providing players with an opportunity to experience LAN events including media days and everything else that accompanies the events. 

The top team from each group will get a slot in the playoffs which will take place on LAN at the WePlay Esports Arena in Kyiv. 

Which Teams are taking part in WePlay Academy League Season 3?

There are ten teams that will take part in the event. The teams form two groups of five teams each. With several big organizations backing their Academy rosters, the WePlay Academy League is ensuring a stable scene for upcoming CS: GO players. 

Group A:

  • NAVI Junior.
  • Young Ninjas.
  • Fnatic Rising.
  • BIG. OMEN Academy.
  • Astralis Talent.

Group B

  • VP.Prodigy.
  • mouz NXT.
  • FURIA Academy.
  • Spirit Academy.
  • Eternal Fire Academy. will have coverage for this event, including interviews with several players. Stay tuned to for the latest CS: GO news and updates

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