Vitality defeated Entropiq to move to the Champions Stage. Time to get our hands on some apeX signatures!

Once again, it was Zyw0o who led Vitality to a win at the PGL Stockholm Major. The French team defeated Entropiq to qualify to the Champions Stage at the Major. 

Both teams entered the match with a 2-2 record. A win would have secured the Champions stage while a loss would mean elimination. The stakes were high and it was a very competitive series overall. Vitality were always the favorites coming into this series but Entropiq had proved its worth at the Major so far. 

Three Maps – Three Aces for Vitality

The series started with a bang and the two teams went the distance on Mirage. Ultimately, Zyw0o’s 27 kills proved to be just too much as Vitality won Mirage with a 16-14 score. 

The first map was Entropiq’s map choice, so it was a tough loss for the CIS squad. They were up 14-10, one point away from Matchpoint. But a standout performance by ApeX stopped them in their tracks. Vitality won 6 straight rounds towards the end of the map to secure Mirage. 

Entropiq won Overpass, and this was also a very close affair. On Overpass, it was Shox who got an Ace, but Entropiq’s players and the right reads on the CT side to amass an 11-4 lead in the first half. Vitality put up a commendable CT side of their own, but it was not as strong as Entropiq’s. 

Dust 2 was a forgettable affair for Entropiq. The CIS squad pressurized the A bombsite via A-long, but Vitality was always ready for the early A-long pressure. On multiple occasions, Vitality got the numbers advantage shooting at the Entropqie players jumping out of the doors. Entropiq only managed five rounds and are now out of the PGL Stockholm CS: GO Major.

Vitality Advances to the Champions Stage

Team Vitality is one of the favorites to win this Major. Although they will have to go through the likes of Navi, NIP and others, the team is slowly but surely warming up. When the World’s best player performs at an extremely high level on the big stage, it is a cause of worry for opponents. 

Vitality advances to the Champions Stage, but they are far from reaching their peak performance. A lot depends on Zywoo and the performance of the youngsters in the team.

In the beginning, Kyojin was a big rookie. He had never done anything like this before. This was his first ‘real team’. He hadn’t played in Tier 3/4 teams. So he had everything to learn about the game. That wasn’t an easy experience for him overall. Every day since then, we have been trying to help him. – apeX on Kyojin’s performance after joining the team.

But going ahead, Vitality will be playing on the big stage in front of a live audience. With a roster that comprises a mix of veterans and youngsters, it will be interesting to see how the young players cope with the pressure of playing on a ‘real LAN.’

Entropiq Out of the Major after Commendable Performance

Entropiq Player, Nickelback

Even though Entropiq are now out of the CS:GO Major, their performance is commendable, to say the least. The team defeated Astralis and Heroic in the Challengers Stage. They had a similarly impressive performance in the Legends stage taking down Gambit and Team Liquid to go 2-0. But three consecutive losses against G2, FURIA and Vitality means they are now out of the Major in the 9-11th place. 

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