Vitality and Imperial advance to BLAST Spring Finals Top 4 cover image

Vitality and Imperial advance to BLAST Spring Finals Top 4

We are down to the BLAST Premier Spring Finals Top 4.

Two quick series determined the outcome of the BLAST Premier Spring Finals quarterfinals. Vitality and Imperial esports won their respective matches 2-0 and are now in the top four at BLAST Premier Spring Finals. 

Complexity's dream run comes to an end

The first semifinal of the night saw Imperial Esports take on Complexity in the do-or-die playoffs match. Complexity had surprised everyone with their victory over Astralis in the group stage. Meanwhile, Imperial esports came through in a much tougher group comprising the likes of G2, Vitality, and Cloud9. 

The series started with Complexity’s map pick of Vertigo. Clearly the underdogs in this particular series, Complexity couldn’t find their footing in the first half. Unable to string even two rounds together till much later in the half,  Complexity finished the first half with a 4-11 score.

Despite the poor start, Complexity did put up a valiant fight in the second half. But a 4-11 start was always going to be a tough task. Ultimately, Imperial esports took Vertigo with a 16-14 score.

The second map (Mirage) was much-more one sided with Imperial clearly very comfortable on their map pick. They had a 12-3 start and before you could blink the map was over with a 16-6 score.

Vitality knock out FaZe Clan

FaZe got off to a splendid start on their T side of Anubis. The 7-3 start, however, was not enough as Vitality started their comeback as soon as they had weapons in their hands. It was no surprise to see Vitality win quite a few rounds together. 

The second half saw both teams go toe to toe, and eventually, Vitality won the map in Overtime. The match was extremely close with quite a few clutches going the way of Vitality allowing them to win the map.

The second map of Mirage saw Vitality dominate the game right from the get-go. They won the pistol round this time, allowing them to take a significant lead in the first half. With a virtual non-existent CT side, FaZe was eliminated from the tournament.

The BLAST Premier Spring Finals now enters its last few matches. Vitality will face G2 esports while Imperial esports will take on Heroic at the BLAST Premier Spring Finals.

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