Vitality decimates Evil Geniuses in BLAST opener cover image

Vitality decimates Evil Geniuses in BLAST opener

It was easy!

Vitality started its BLAST Premier Fall Groups with a bang after a dominant 2-0 victory over Evil Geniuses. 

Under a month after a roster change that surprised many fans, Vitality seem to be in excellent form. The team took down Evil Geniuses 2-0 with a 16-6 and 16-3 score. Evil Geniuses did not manage to reach a total of ten rounds across two maps.

Vitality dominates Evil Geniuses

Vitality’s dominance was evident right from the get-go. The team won the first ten rounds with ease. Magisk seemed to be in excellent form, often pushing aggressively once they realized they were the superior team. The team did not have the same coordination issues that their fans are used to, but their firepower was on point.

Evil Geniuses managed to win a single round, the eleventh round, but that was all they got in that half. Trying to defend a 1-14 deficit was never going to be an easy task. After all, it’s not the 2013 Nuke where the likes of NIP could defend 14-1 scores with ease. 

EG did manage to string together a few rounds on their CT side on the second half. But it wasn’t enough, as ultimately, Vitality won the map with a 16-6 score.

A better half but a worse map for EG

If fans thought the first map was a fluke they were in for a surprise. The second map, Vertigo started with EG winning the pistol round. But Vitality’s offense broke through the Evil Geniuses' defense, repeatedly. EG won the fifth and tenth round and that was the end to their victories on Vertigo.

The BLAST Premier Fall Groups is a $177,498 USD tournament taking place in Copenhagen. The tournament features the best CS:GO teams in action, all competing for an opportunity to qualify for the BLAST Premier Fall Finals. The tournament continues for eleven days when the final three teams that make it to the Fall Finals will be ascertained.

It's not game over for Evil Geniuses just yet as they still have another chance in the lower bracket. Vitality have now moved on to the upper bracket of Group A and will face the winner of NIP and Complexity.

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