Vici Gaming and TYLOO are tied in RMR points. Only one team from Asia gets a spot at the PGL Stockholm Major.

Vici Gaming will not participate in the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. The runners-up in the DouYu Cup, the qualification tournament for Fall Showdown, Lynn Vision, will replace Vici at BLAST Fall Showdown. Vici will use this time to focus on the Asian RMR event, IEM Fall 2021. IEM Fall 2021: Asia kicks off on October 12, just two days after the conclusion of the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown.

Vici and TYLOO tied in RMR Points

The PGL Stockholm Major takes place at the Avicii Arena in Stockholm. The CS:GO Major features a $2 million prize pool and is also the only Major of 2021. After some uncertainty over the Major’s venue, PGL confirmed that the Major will take place in Sweden.

Vici Gaming and TYLOO are tied for first place in the Asian RMR at 3631 points. The first place at IEM Fall Asia receives 2500 points while the second place will receive 2344 RMR points. Only one team from Asia will receive an invite to the PGL Stockholm Major. The stakes are high for both Vici Gaming and TYLOO in the final RMR event of the season.

The BLAST Premier Fall Showdown will take place from October 5-10, leaving Vici with just one day to travel from Europe to Asia. The travel fatigue and lack of practice would have had an impact on the team’s performance in the RMR event. With stakes being as high as they are, an appearance at the CS:GO Major on the organization took the tough decision to withdraw from BLAST Premier Fall Showdown.

Lynn Vision, the runners-up of the DouYu cup will take Vici’s place in the Fall Showdown tournament. The team has had little to no experience on the international stage and this will be an excellent opportunity for its players. 

BLAST Premier Fall showdown kicks off on Ocotober 5 and features a single-elimination bracket. With big names such as G2, Team Liquid, OG, Evil Geniuses and more competing at the event, chances were low for the Asian team to make a mark. 

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