The Challengers stage concluded, giving us 3 amazing best of 3 games. With everything on the line, the players pulled out all the stops to give us crazy plays. Here are the Top 5 Plays from PGL Stockholm Day 4.

The Challengers Stage concluded today with Astralis, Heroic and MOUZ, joining the 13 teams in the Legends Stage. The matches all had insane plays and clutches going down. Even the performance from the teams that got eliminated were amazing to watch. Here's the top 5 plays from PGL Stockholm Day 4.

Deathzz 1v2 to keep Movistar Alive

Movistar Riders came into the Major as one of the underdogs from IEM Fall. Everyone expected them to flop and go out early on. But to the surprise of many, the Spaniards kept every game close, and found themselves with a 2-2 record. Facing Heroic as your final match to get to the Legends stage is a big pressure situation.

While the team may have lost the series 2-0, they pulled off some amazing plays including this 1v2 clutch from Raúl 'DeathZz' Jordán Nieto that kept Movistar's hopes in Inferno alive for a little while longer. Sadly for him, his effort was in vain as they lost the map in the next round.

Dexter does his best Karrigan impression

MOUZ weren't a lock for the legends stage at all. While Robin 'ropz' Kool is an absolute beast, the rest of the team, generally lacks the firepower to be a top contender. After getting lucky draws against Sharks and Renegades, they stumbled their way into the 2-2 round facing BIG Clan. Luckily for them BIG Clan have a similar limitation as they rely heavily on Johannes 'tabseN' Wodarz and Florian 'syrsoN' Rische fragging out.

This game however was a totally different storyline for MOUZ as Frederik 'acoR' Gyldstrand had one of his best performances on this roster. With acoR providing the necessary base, Christopher 'dexter' Nong was free to put up some big frags. One of his most exciting plays, reminded us of Karrigan's recent push into top mid against Spirit.

Frozen with the Fiery Spray Down

Another amazing clip from MOUZ's game today, saw David 'frozen' Čerňanský pulling off a crazy 4 man spray down. At 14-10, BIG decided to fight for Banana control. As Dexter used the recently implemented Grenade drop mechanics to cover the entire alley with molotovs, Frozen decided to take a quick peak and sprayed the entire BIG squad down. By the time Gade rotated back to Banana, Frozen had fallen back to top of Banana and used a well-placed flashbang from ropz to seal his Ace.

Dupreeh shows the power of the M4A1-s

The recent update also brought in a huge buff to the M4A1-s. This saw the gun get boosted to the more popular M4 version. And Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen's 3 people spray down, shows us exactly why the silenced gun is so powerful, allowing it's wielder to quickly reset the accuracy. This play sealed the final round of the first half and propelled Astralis to a dominant 10-5 half.

Degster pulls of a 1v4 clutch

After their blowout loss on Dust 2, Spirit were on the back foot coming into Inferno. With Astralis putting up another 10-5 half, Spirit needed a miraculous round to put themselves in the lead. Abdul 'degster' Gasanov , surprisingly on an AK, pulled off a clutch that put Spirit on a tied scoreline. The Russian AWPer first traded Viktor 'sdy' Orudzhev by taking down Emil 'Magisk' Reif on Balcony.

From then, he put the Graveyard Defender in a coffin and got a bit of help from a texture bug, that gave him the location of Astralis AWPer Philip 'Lucky' Ewald. Finally getting his hands on his gun of choice, he skipped the bomb plant and took down the library CT to win the round.

Heroic Become Legends

From always being the younger brother to Astralis ever since both teams shared ownership under the RFRSH Banner, Heroic have gone on an absolute Story Arc, becoming the Online Heroes of CS and dropping down to being the Villains after Hunden's allegations. For them to make the Legends stage means a lot. While they should have been one of the teams that should have made it through 3-0, this is still a moment worth celebrating and the Danish boys bring all the emotions.

That was our list of Top 5 plays from PGL Stockholm Day 4. Stay tuned to to keep up with the PGL Stockholm Major as we go into the Legends stage tomorrow.