3 More teams qualified for the Legends Stage after a bunch of close and exciting series played out. Here are our top 5 plays from Day 3 of the PGL Stockholm Major!

The Penultimate day of the challenger's stage saw 3 more teams lock their spot in the legends stage, while all our minor region representatives got eliminated. With 6 Bo3's being played, we saw many spray-downs, clutches, and outplays. Here are the Top 5 Plays from PGL Stockholm Day 3.

Stavn and Cadian partner up to shut Entropiq down

In the opening game of the day, Heroic came in as the definite favorites to win. After a 16-10 win on Ancient, the Danes saw themselves on their pick of Nuke. In the 5th round of play, Heroic's T side attack got shut down by Entropiq's strong defense. This put Casper 'cadiaN' Møller and Martin 'stavn' Lund in a 2v4 situation, where their chances of winning looked bleak. Stavn started off by quickly trading his fallen comrade Rasmus 'sjuush' Beck. This gave Heroic a clear pathway to the lower bombsite.

From there, cadiaN's quick headshots forged a path to the upper bombsite and allowed Heroic to snatch a round out of Entropiq's hands. While they got stomped on the 3rd map this play got them in touching distance of a 2-0 win.

Mir, Almost Legendary

Ancient, the latest map in the pool, keeps giving us interesting matches. The battle between VP and Spirit was no exception. With many amazing plays, it was difficult to pick one, but Mir's almost legendary clutch took the cake. After the rest of his team got absolutely destroyed in their attempt of a B attack, Nikolay 'mir' Bityukov found himself facing an impossible 1v4 situation. The Russian however, slipped VP's net and ended up in CT Spawn. With 2 CTs presenting their backs to him, Mir stabilized his aim and took them both down.

Then he went on to face Evgeny 'FL1T' Lebedev in Mid and took down the new addition with a swift headshot. With only Mareks 'YEKINDAR' Gaļinskis left standing, Mir rushed into the A site. Unluckily for Spirit, he got blindsided by the Latvian who put an end to his almost legendary play.

K1to hands out Haircuts in Tunnels

BIG Clan are known for lacking firepower in key moments. But Nils 'k1to' Gruhne's Dust2 is always one to remember, and the youngster didn't disappoint today. With his 22 kills, he had multiple noteworthy plays, but this USP-S Ace in B Tunnels was the best of the bunch.

In the Second Pistol round, K1to pushed into the upper tunnels against ENCE. There he saw 4 people pushing him but still got out unscathed as he dropped them with 3 beautiful headshots. From there it was only Joonas 'doto' Forss left standing for ENCE who made his way into the B site. Unluckily for him, he missed the timing on K1to and got popped in the side of his head.

Lucky, denies the Defuse at the last second

Astralis' 2-0 win over paiN gaming ended up being too close for comfort. The Danes had their backs against the wall on Ancient but managed to push it to Overtime. Philip 'Lucky' Ewald's 1v3 clutch was crucial in that as he shut down paiN's retake and denied the bomb defuse at the last second. While they may have survived here, their next match against Spirit will be a tough battle for sure and they will need Lucky to bring the same fire.

Dexter takes the Aussies down

Christopher 'dexter' Nong was the Renegades, Star Fragger and IGL. When he got brought over to EU, many thought Renegades would become much weaker. While they have mantained their dominance in Australis, today they were eliminated by Dexter's squad.

Dexter may not have the best stats against the top dogs, but in the second map today, he played like a man possessed. With 21 kills and a massive 1v3 clutch to his name, he was a key factor in MOUZ's comfortable Inferno win.

Spinx Says Hi

The first Major is a huge deal for young players, as it is their opportunity to be immortalised in the game they love. The Major becomes even bigger when it's one of the first LANs you've ever played.

For the Isreali star Spinx, making it to the Major after his first ever LAN and now playing at the biggest stage is a huge deal. He is not only representing ENCE, he is also the first Israeli player to make it to the Major. So when the camera looked at him in a break, he waved hi to all his fans and supporters.

That was our list of Top 5 plays from PGL Stockholm Day 3. Stay tuned to esports.gg to keep up with the PGL Stockholm Major.

Image Credits: ESL and Stephanie Lieske