Team Vitality reveals new heavy metal CS:GO anthem cover image

Team Vitality reveals new heavy metal CS:GO anthem

“It was such a blast to create the piece in which I heard in my head when I think of Vitality and Metality.”

It is not every day you hear a heavy metal gaming anthem. Team Vitality has decided to make that a commonality by teaming with Nuclear Blasts, the world's largest independent heavy metal record label.

This collaboration between Vitality and Nuclear Blasts brings fans 'Metality', a heavy metal song written by Trivium's frontman, Matt Heafy. Heafy also worked alongside renowned producer Josh Wilbur when creating this iconic anthem.

Heavy Metal meets gaming with Vitality's new anthem

The new anthem Metality was created to help demonstrate the growing parallels between the gaming world and music. This long-term collaboration will help shape the future of music within the gaming industry.

Vitality's initial goal was to create a song that matches the energy in CS:GO. While trying to find someone to make the song, they realized that the fast-paced and heavy style of music was a perfect fit for Heafy.

Vitality CS: GO roster
Vitality CS: GO roster

”Metal and gaming are two constants in my life that I hold near and dear. I’ve always found that gaming and Metal go so well together… that it’s as if they BELONG together," said Heafy. "Vitality is an org I have been a longtime fan of. I love their players and I feel they are some of the best on the planet. I love that they have their Metality brand built inside the org as well."

Matt Heafy via Wikipedia
Matt Heafy via Wikipedia

Heafy went forward to provide insight into his creative process when writing Metality.

"I knew instantly what it needed to sound like. It was such a blast to create the piece in which I heard in my head when I think of Vitality and Metality."

Team Vitality's CS:GO roster via YouTube
Team Vitality's CS:GO roster via YouTube

Heafy and Vitality's joint passion for gaming helped push this new anthem past the boundaries, giving fans an exciting thrill when seeing the CS:GO team compete.

Team Vitality's CS:GO team is officially ranked number one on the HLTV team ranking.

Matt Heafy has had a long history within the gaming world

Heafy has not only created a strong career in the world of music but has also certified himself in the gaming realm. With over 200,000 followers on his Twitch, Heafy has created leverage for himself like no other.

Being in the top 100 most subscribed to channels on Twitch, Heafy has quickly become a favorite amongst gamers and music lovers.

Vitality CS: GO players are currently in Brazil competing in the IEM Rio Major. They started from the Challengers stage and will play their final games of the Challengers stage on November 3. A win catapults them to the Legends stage, while a loss would mean the end of their IEM Major run.