Team Vitality won their third title after reaching the Grand Finals in four of their last five tournaments.

Vitality have emerged as the best CS:GO team yet again after they dominated ENCE in the Gamers8 Grand Finals. The Gamers8 esports festival featured a million-dollar CS:GO tournament which saw the best teams in action. And despite the event’s brutal format, Vitality showed why they are the best team in the world.

Vitality making a case for themselves

The French-Danish roster did not have a great start losing in a very one-sided Anubis to kick off the Grand Finals. A 7-16 loss on Anubis was largely due to a dominant showing by SunPayus who scored 23 kills for himself on Map 1.

Vitality’s performance on Anubis might also be partly due to poor luck. Anubis is a very T-sided map and ENCE got the T-side on the map. As such, they had a free run in the first half and they simply continued the momentum to see the map through.

Zywoo was the top scorer on Vitality - no surprises there. However, it wasn’t enough as Vitality was often left playing reactively as opposed to dictating the pace of the game. 

Vitality struck form in the remaining two maps, however. With a 16-12 on Mirage and a 16-9 on Nuke, Vitality once again established themselves as the dominant team in CS:GO.

Vitality - The best team in the world?

I am gonna say that it’s really rough with such little practice, but we have a fighting team and we have such a talented team. I feel like even though we were not with flameZ before, the last five tournaments we made four finals, we won three of them, so if we are not the best team in the world, I don’t know who is.”


Vitality has won three of the last five Grand Finals it has appeared in. The team’s event sheet also includes the BLAST Paris Major, a win that holds special significance for the team as it was on home soil.

In the post-match interview, apeX highlighted how the team has persevered through the ups and downs. They made a controversial roster change when they swapped in FlameZ to replace MagisK, one of the stars on the team. The move has paid off so far with Vitality clearly the Number 1 team in CS:GO after their Gamers8 victory.

Counter-Strike esports is heading towards a transition period. The BLAST Paris Major was the final CS:GO Major. PGL will host the next Major and it will feature Counter-Strike 2. Meanwhile, Valve is busy shipping regular updates and new features to Counter-Strike 2 beta. 

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