Team Liquid Eliminated from PGL Stockholm CS: GO Major cover image

Team Liquid Eliminated from PGL Stockholm CS: GO Major

Team Liquid is out of the PGL Stockholm CS: GO Major. An exciting Game 2, but one wonders what happened on their map pick of Inferno

North America’s hope, Team Liquid is now out of the PGL Stockholm CS:GO Major. FaZe Clan took down Team Liquid in two maps to eliminate them from the CS:GO Major. Here's how FaZe destroyed NA's chances at the CS: GO Major.

Liquid Starts Inferno with An Ace

Team Liquid picked Inferno, which was where they felt they had an advantage over FaZe Clan. But they didn’t. Team Liquid had one of the best starts (on round 1) that a team could expect. Elige got an ace on Round 1, including a heroic 1v4 clutch. If anything, this play should be enough to get the ball rolling and push the momentum in Team Liquid’s favor. But most of the first half belonged to FaZe Clan. FaZe finished the first half with an 11-4 score despite losing the first round in such a fashion.

But Ends Meekly on Map choice

Recovering from a 11-4 half, especially after losing the second pistol round was always going to be tough. Team Liquid did put up a decent fight in the second half, but the two teams traded rounds till FaZe reached the magical 16. 

It was a rough start for Team Liquid on their map choice. Losing 8-16 on your map choice is never a good feeling and the boys needed to bring back the momentum in their favor.

With an average of 85.4 damage per round, Broky was the star for FaZe Clan. He was able to foil several of Team Liquid’s attempts to get the first-frag and still make it out safely. Even as the youngster put up a strong performance, the veteran in Olofmeister was not far behind. With 20 kills to his name, an in-form Olofmeister could spell disaster for other CS:GO teams watching this resurgent FaZe Clan.

FaZe eliminate Team Liquid in Overtime

After losing the pistol round, Liquid managed to string together several rounds on the CT side. After the 8-3 start, Team Liquid was, however, unable to win the last few rounds, allowing FaZe Clan a way back into the half. The first half ended with a relatively even 8-7 score, bringing a smile to worried FaZe fans.

The second half followed the trajectory of the first half. FaZe Clan won the first few rounds; then Team Liquid strung together several rounds in the middle and FaZe brought the match to an even 15-15 score. Liquid won several rounds in the middle, but they were unable to build a formidable economic lead, something that FaZe exploited towards the end of the map. Going into Overtime, it was anyone’s game. 

Liquid got two match-points but was still unable to close it out and eventually FaZe won Mirage. It was an exciting series but one does wonder how the match might have progressed if Team Liquid had put up a better showing on Inferno.

With this loss, Team Liquid is out of the PGL Stockholm Major. FaZe Clan is 2-2 in the New Legends Stage and its results in the next round of matches will determine its fate. 

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