Team Liquid and Heroic defeated OG and MAD Lions respectively to secure the final two spots at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen. BLAST Premier Fall Finals takes place in November with a $425,000 prize pool.

The final day of the BLAST Premier Showdown was also the most important one. There were two matches, the winner of each match qualifies to play on LAN at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen for the BLAST Premier Fall Finals. Team Liquid were up against MAD Lions while Heroic went up against OG in their RO4 matches.

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Heroic Defeat OG

OG picked Inferno as the first map of choice. Inferno has been the team’s go-to choice for quite some time. The map was very close with both teams trading a few rounds. There were a few crucial moments where Heroic would win with just one person remaining. The score at the end of the first half was 8-7 and both teams were toe-to-toe in skill and numbers. 

The second half started with a few rounds for OG. The team won 5 of the first six rounds to take a lead and inch closer to victory. But once Heroic figured out their financial situation, there was nothing stopping the former World No. 1 team. Heroic won seven rounds in a row to clinch Inferno and take a lead in the series.

The start to Overpass was a similar story to the end of Nuke. After OG took a lead, Heroic strung together several rounds to finish the first half with an 8-7 score. But on the CT side, Heroic’s defense was too much for OG to get through. OG got a few rounds here and there, but could not string together two rounds in order to break the CT economy. Heroic won Overpass with a 16-11 score. 

Team Liquid take down MAD Lions in Two Maps

After a massive upset against G2 esports in the previous smatch, MAD Lions were one match away from securing a LAN spot. But they had to face off against Team Liquid in the Round of 4, a tall task by any means. 

MAD Lions picked Nuke as the first map. Nuke has been the team’s go-to choice, partly due to their superior CT side. But Team Liquid had a very strong start on Nuke with quick rotations and a deep understanding of the MAD Lions’ playstyle. 

The first half ended with a 10-5 score, a decent score for either side. It all depended on MAD Lions’ CT performance and whether they would be able to put up a similarly strong defense on the CT side. The answer was No. MAD Lions managed just four CT rounds as their economy was constantly battered by an aggressive Team Liquid. Team Liquid won Nuke with a 16-9 score. 

Inferno was a much better performance by MAD Lions. The team had a strong start on Inferno marching through to 10-4 at one point. Team Liquid won the final round of the half to make it a manageable 10-5 score. 

But on the CT side, Team Liquid had an impressive Banana defense that saw MAD Lions’ movement be an easy read for FalleN and co. Team Liquid defeated MAD Lions 16-13 and qualified for the BLAST Premier Fall Finals. 

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Liquid and Heroic Qualify for LAN

The BLAST Preimer Fall Finals will take place on LAN with a live audience. The tournament runs from November 24-28 and features a $425,000 prize pool. You can check out the Format and schedule for the Fall Finals here.

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