Team Liquid defeat FURIA to reach Summit 8 grand finals cover image

Team Liquid defeat FURIA to reach Summit 8 grand finals


Team Liquid and FURIA are tied 1-1 in the upper bracket final of cs_summit 8. Both games went to double overtime and Inferno’s next.

The upper bracket finals match for cs_summit 8 saw two North American CS:GO giants clash against each other. Team Liquid and FURIA were competing in the upper bracket final for a slot in the grand finals of the NA RMR event.
The cs_summit 8 is a $50,000 Regional Major ranking event featuring eight of the best teams from North America. The tournament started with two groups of four teams each. Team Liquid and FURIA finished the group stage in the second-place in their respective groups. This was just enough to ensure an upper bracket presence. While Team Liqiud 2-0’ed paiN Gaming, FURIA defeated Extra Salt with a 2-1 score.

Nuke: Double overtime fiesta ends with Liquid victory

As one of the most CT-dominant maps in the game, Team Liquid expected a much easier time. They started on the CT side but failed to put up a strong defense. FURIA’s aggression and constant pressure on multiple areas of the map saw the Brazilian roster cruise to a 10-4 lead. Team Liquid managed to claw one round back to finish the half with a 5-10 score. 
Once the teams switched sides, Liquid had a similarly dominant T-side. The team took advantage of FURIA’s lack of economy and inferior weapons to take the game to overtime. The teams continued the back and forth rounds in overtime.
Team Liqiud won Nuke with a 22-18 score and were now one step closer to securing a grand finals slot. Next up was Liquid’s map pick of Overpass.

Overpass also goes to double overtime, this time FURIA clinches the win

Liquid started Overpass with a dominant 6-1 score. The team was constantly scouting the map for information about FURIA's aggression. True to their playstyle, Artem "Art" Shevchenko and co. were always pushing through chokepoints to get any information about Liquid's plans for the round. At the end of the first half, the two teams were evenly split with a 8-7 score.
FURIA was slightly better in the second half and reached 15 rounds faster than Team Liquid. But a heroic 3k by Grim allowed Team Liquid to stay alive in the game. The teams went to overtime where it was a level playing field for both.
Grim continued to impress to overtime with yet another triple kill on round 31. But FURIA was the better team in overtime. A flawless CT half in the second OT saw FURIA clinch the map soon after.

Team Liquid seal the deal on Inferno (16-14)

Team Liquid started Inferno strong despite losing the pistol round. Keith "NAF" Markovic and Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo put up big numbers for Team Liquid. The first half ended with a 9-6 lead for Team Liquid. However, even after the teams switched sides, FURIA was unable out make an impact on Inferno. Team Liquid won Inferno with a 16-14 score.
Team Liquid moves ahead to the grand finals of cs_summit 8 after this hard-earned victory. The series went to two double overtimes as there was very little separating the two teams. FURIA will get another chance in this tournament, but this time, in the lower bracket.
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