The PGL Stockholm Major Legends Stage has set a new viewership record overatking the one set by the FACEIT London Major 2018.

The PGL Stockholm Major is the first CS: GO Major after nearly two years. Featuring a $2 million prize pool, it is already the biggest event in CS: GO. And it is already setting new records with more and more fans tuning in to the official broadcasts. 

Esportscharts has published the viewership numbers for PGL Stockholm Major and this event’s Legends stage has already set a new record. With Navi as the world’s best team and a serious contender for the title, the Stockholm Major is also seeing increased interest from the Russian-speaking audience. 

The PGL Stockholm Major Legends stage stats, by ESCharts.
PGL Stockholm Major Viewership stats. Image Credit: ESCharts.

The PGL Stockholm Major Legends stage is the most-watched compared to previous Majors. The FACEIT London Major held the previous record where the peak viewership for the Legends stage was 755.5k (NiP vs MIBR). 

With a 972,892 peak viewership number for the Navi vs NiP match, the Stockholm Major Legends stage has seen a 28% uptick compared to the London Major.

At the time of collecting this data, the PGL Stockholm Major is still underway and as such as should see a considerable increase in the number of hours watched.

The Legends stage, even though it is not yet the playoffs, had most of the biggest names in CS: GO. Some succeeded, a few like the 3-time Major winner Astralis failed to make an impact. 

The peak viewership for the PGL Stockholm Major has grown nearly 32% over the Challengers stage. With a 972,892 peak viewership at the time of writing this article, the Stockholm Major is already setting new records. 

The most popular match of the tournament so far was the NAVI vs NiP match on October 31. Navi won the series 2-0 in a dominant fashion after a stellar performance by B1t, S1mple and electronic. The trio had more than 40 kills each with B1t reaching a 1.55 rating in the series. 

The match featured 863.8 peak viewers and was significantly more (51%) than the most popular match in the Challengers phase.  The battle between the World #1 and #2 team brought ardent CS: GO fans to the Twitch stream. 

New Record Amongst Russian Audience

Electronic of Team Navi.
Electronic finished the match against NiP with 45 kills. Image Credit: PGL.

Esports continue to rise in the Russian-speaking audience. The PGL Stockholm Major set a new record amongst the Russian-speaking audience with a peak viewership number of 329.3k viewers. This sets a new record, topping the previous one held by the StarLadder Berlin Major.

Last month, Team Spirit won The International 10, in a miracle lower-bracket run that saw them win the $40 million event. 

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