SIG announces the Nominations for 2022 Sport Industry Awards. The Louvre Agreement, BLAST Fall Finals are first ever CS:GO nominees.

Sport Industry Groups announced the nominations for this year's Sport Industry Awards. The 2022 award nominees include BLAST Premier Fall Finals and the EPL Louvre Agreement as nominees. This is the first time CS:GO events and partnerships have been nominated for the Award.

BLAST Premier Fall Finals nominated for Sport Industry Awards Event of the Year
BLAST Premier Fall Finals nominated for Sport Industry Awards Event of the Year

Event of the Year: BLAST Premier Fall Finals

One of the two arena events of 2021, BLAST Premier Fall Finals was a key step towards the return to LAN that we have witnessed since. With over 860 thousand viewers, and a massive audience in the Royal Arena, the event was a massive success. The immaculate BLAST production and the mind-blowing stage design all combined to make the event one of the most memorable.

BLAST Premier Fall Finals has received a nomination for Sport Industry Awards Event of the Year 2021 in partnership with Miller Insurance. The CS:GO event will be going up against the following nominees for the award:

  • EFL Sky Bet Play Off Finals (Football)
  • The Hundred (Cricket)
  • The Tour of Britain (Cycling)
  • Wimbledon - The Championships 2021 (Tennis)
Sport Industry Awards Partnership of the Year: The Louvre Agreement
Sport Industry Awards Partnership of the Year: The Louvre Agreement

Partnership Award: The Louvre Agreement

The other half of CS:GO nominations comes in the form of the Louvre Agreement. ESL's landmark revenue sharing agreement has seen great success in 2020 and 2021. Teams like NaVi have mentioned figures nearing 2 Million Dollars in revenue from the partnership. Additionally, the agreement also grants a permanent slot in the ESL Pro League for its partners.

In 2021, Furia, BIG, and Heroic signed a $20 Million Dollar deal to join the agreement, and more recently the teams unanimously extended the agreement till 2025. With the recent ESL-FACEIT Group merger, the revenue streams will likely increase moving forward.

“The Louvre Agreement’s nomination for the Partnership Award at this year’s Sports Industry Awards is a testament to the value and investability of both CS:GO and the ESL Pro League. To have the Louvre Agreement recognised by an organisation such as the Sports Industry Group is a real honour. I will be very proud of the team if this nomination results in the Louvre Agreement becoming an award-winning partnership.”

Alex Inglot, Commissioner of the ESL Pro League

Meanwhile, the Louvre Agreement will be competing against the following partnerships for the Sport Industry Awards:

  • Dreams x TeamGB x ParalympicsGB
  • EA Sports FIFA21 x Midnight Ramadan League
  • Small Businesses United (EFL / eBay)
  • Lucozade Sport & Hashtag United
  • McDonald's & UK Football Associations Fun Football
  • University of Hull/ Team GB: An extraordinary partnership

Stay Tuned to to find who wins the awards, and check out our coverage of the ESL Pro League Groups Here.