Sinners have made a statement in their EPL Group B Opener, upsetting the number 3 team in the world, G2.

Sinners have managed to upset G2, the highest-ranked team in group B, taking them down in a full 3 map series. Adam 'NEOFRAG' Zouhar and Max 'SHOCK' Kvapil put up some big numbers as they led their team to the biggest upset in EPL so far, despite Nikola 'NiKo' Kovač being the best player on the server by far.

Vertigo - NEOFRAG Goes Nuclear

The game kicked off looking like G2 would stroll to a comfortable victory on Vertigo. The first few rounds were close but a full eco win, followed by a half buy victory meant that the favorites took a commanding lead and were able to close the half out 10-5 with Sinners unable to win consecutive rounds. G2 then managed to win the pistol rounds, extending their lead even further but the second round was an amazing 4-kill set for NEOFRAG that turned Sinner's fortune around.

From that point on, there was no looking back for Sinners as their CT-side prowess showed the world, why Vertigo is their best map and they should not be underestimated. G2 did not win a single round after that pistol. Sinners went on a tear and every clutch seemed to go their way. Key kills from Tomáš 'oskar' Šťastný's AWP and NEOFRAG continuing his dominance left G2 with no path back into the map.

Inferno - Sinners Fall Short

"Sure, Sinners won Vertigo but that's their best map and NEOFRAG was out of control. There's no way they can beat G2 in the series."

That was everyone's thoughts going into Inferno and G2 looked like they had reset well after the loss. Their first half was strong, and NiKo led his team to a 10-5 lead that became possible due to Sinner losing to an eco round where the Bosnian hit a wonderful One-Deag across Banana.

The second half started off back and forth but losing to low-buy rounds is a sure-fire method to gift a map over to the opponent. That's what happened to Sinners with the Czech squad losing 3 such rounds. It looked like the game was getting the better of them as the team wasn't able to show its individual prowess on the T side. G2 closed out the map 16-10, but it could have easily been a win for Sinners if they'd managed to avoid these blunders.

Mirage - Sinners dominate G2

Mirage was a dominant showing from Sinners and cemented their reputation as a strong contender in this group. They started the proceedings with a 9 round win streak before G2 could answer. Nemanja 'nexa' Isaković's troops were finally able to open their tally, but Sinners managed to close the half with a massive 11-4 lead.

The second-half start for Sinner almost closed the map out as they stretched their lead to 14-4 but losing the first gun round allowed G2 to make their scoreline look a bit more respectable. Sinners managed to close the series out by giving G2 a taste of their own medicine as Oskar's AK bullets in a 2v2, closed the game out on a half-buy.

This win sets Sinners up for a possible playoffs qualification as a k0nfig-less Complexity and OG are possible wins after defeating the G2 giants.NEOFRAG will be the player to watch going forward as, if he continues his strong form, he could be the difference-maker in these upcoming series. Keep an eye on Sinners in their match tomorrow against Complexity.

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