shroud thinks that Counter-Strike 2 can reach 5 million players. But first, developers need to fix matchmaking.

One of the most popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players to get access to the limited Counter-Strike 2 beta is Michael "shorud" Grzesiek. Throughout his time grinding the beta, shroud has had a lot of strong opinions, including some advice for Valve when it comes to matchmaking.

The hype surrounding CS2 is real, with many gamers pumped about the big changes regarding Counter-Strike's tick, maps, and gameplay. But shroud thinks there's one more thing that developers should focus on.

So far, Valve has not made any comments about changes regarding matchmaking between CS:GO and CS2. shroud stated that Counter-Strike 2 needs to release with improved matchmaking capabilities or it's not worth making a new game, however.

"If CS2 doesn't f—ing work on their matchmaking system and their rank system and all that s—, and it's just the same as CSGO, I'm gonna be so upset. It won't matter because people are still gonna play the game anyway because it's Counter-Strike," shroud ranted.

Players have been complaining about the matchmaking in CS:GO for quite some time. The biggest complaint is that players at drastically different skill levels or ranks are often matched up against each other or put on the same team. The other issue has been lag, caused by servers being on different hardware.

It's no surprise that competitive players like shroud are hoping to see improvements to this going into Counter-Strike 2. Having more balanced and fair matchmaking would drastically improve the player experience.

Valve has not made any comments on possible changes to matchmaking in CS2. shroud has claimed that improving this important aspect of the multiplayer shooter will allow the game to grow drastically, maybe even reaching 5 million players.

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