Rumours indicates that syrsoN will be moved to BIG’s bench cover image

Rumours indicates that syrsoN will be moved to BIG’s bench

German AWPer chose to step down after the team’ disappointing run in IEM Katowice 2023

After a disappointing run in IEM Katowice 2023, BIG will have to find a new AWPer, since Florian "syrsoN" Rische has decided to bench himself for personal reasons. The information was revealed by Dexerto, citing several sources.

The news came after BIG informed this Wednesday that the AWPer wouldn't be playing the European closed qualifier for IEM Brazil 2023. For this tournament, the German organization will have Marcel "⁠hyped⁠" Köhn, from BIG's academy team, stepping in to fill the position. According to Dexerto, the plan is that hyped will be promoted permanently to the main squad.

BIG went home early in IEM Katowice 2023

BIG entered IEM Katowice in the Play-In stage and qualified for the group's stage after two wins against Complexity and FURIA. But the performances of the squad weren't the same following the tournament. In their opening match, the Germans faced no one but the strong G2, which closed the deal in a 2x0 fashion.

In the lower bracket, a tough opponent, but easier than G2: Spirit. Still, BIG wasn't able to win and lost the duel by 2x1. These results were the main reason for syrsoN's stepping down from the line-up. Curiously, the AWPer was the highest-rated player of BIG during the IEM Katowice group stage with a 1.10 rating.

syrsoN was great addition in the online era

syrsoN arrived at BIG at the beginning of 2020, two months before the pandemic that would put the CS:GO into an online era. During that year, the AWPer was an important part of the team that would dominate, for a brief period, the international scene.

In 2020, BIG won several online tournaments, such as DreamHack Open Leipzig, DreamHack Masters Spring - Europe, cs_summit 6 - Europe, DreamHack Open Summer - Europe, and FunSpark ULTI. syrson's performance gave him a respectable 10th place in the Top 20 HLTV ranking in 2020.

Now, the Germans will have to adapt with the kid hyped, that will make his debut on Feb. 8.

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