The 32 year old French CS:GO legend is going to hang up the mouse and keyboard to enter a new chapter of his life. Here is what he plans on doing in his new life away from competitive gaming.

Former Vitality CS:GO player Cédric “⁠RpK⁠” Guipouy has announced his retirement from Counter-Strike at the age of 32. The announcement comes five months after Le Tank was benched on Vitality for Jayson “Kyojin” Nguyen.

Not RpK’s first retirement

The French CS:GO player will be retiring for the second time in his professional gaming career. Shortly after making the switch to CS:GO, RpK retired to help his father as a car mechanic. 

His career began in 2006 as a Counter-Strike Source player where he became one of the best players before making the switch to CS:GO in 2012. 

However, nearly two years later, in late 2014, he made a comeback. During his comeback, he played for the French team Titan, a team that had high potential but suffered immensely due to Hovik ‘KQLY’ Tovmassian’s VAC ban . From here onward, he continued to remain a prominent figure in the French CS:GO scene. From Titan to G2 to his final team in Vitality, RpK danced around the French scene acquiring numerous accolades and championships. 

RpK championship titles in CS:GO

  • ECS Season 1 Finals.
  • Cs_summit 4.
  • ECS Season 7 Finals.
  • EPICENTER 2019.
  • IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 Europe.
  • BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Finals.
An image of RpK on the left sitting. The announcement paragraph on the right reads: It's one of these tough decisions that we have to make. Cedrico (RpK) is an example of an achiever, consistent and inspiring player. The team is facing some difficulties and we need to find a new pace. Its never easy to let a legendary, inspiring and consistent player such as RpK step back from competition; and we will do everything we can to support him in what's yet to come.
rPk is going to enter a new chapter of his life after five months on the Vitality bench.

Aside from his championships, he attended a total of eight Majors. Throughout his time in CS:GO he was the example of consistency on a team and earned the nickname “Le Tank”. His role was referred by some teammates as the glue of a team due to his selfless playstyle.

A new chapter for Le Tank

That being said, at the age of 32, it seems like this retirement will stick. Instead, it seems he will begin to create his own merchandise line. 

“Today marks the end of a long and beautiful career.” RpK states on twitter. “It started long ago, had ups and downs, but I always loved it. I’m grateful for your support over the years, I won’t forget it.”

RpK’s next step is to help develop his clothing line. His Shopify store, will feature a number of different hoodies, sweaters and hats based around his career. For fan’s of the French CS:GO player, you can support his clothing line here.

On top of his clothing line, he also revealed that he will continue to remain prevalent in esports. Whether that be to move to a different game or pursue a role in esports management is unknown. For now, he will put focus into developing a new chapter of his life as fans await the future announcement.

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