Vitality is first team to qualify to PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major Legends stage cover image

Vitality is first team to qualify to PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major Legends stage

Who can stop Team Vitality?

One of the favorites to win the CS: GO Major, Team Vitality has cruised through the Challengers stage of the PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major. The French-Danish mix is the first roster to qualify to the Legends where they will face even tougher opponents. 

Vitality’s CS: GO Major debut was with a dominating 16-1 score against Complexity. After that victory, Vitality carried it forward, but against a much stronger opponent in Astralis. Their Round 3 high match today saw them face off against forZe, a team that has been steadily climbing up and edging ever so close to Legends. 

An early start for forZe

The first map of Nuke started heavily in forZe’s favor as they quickly amassed a 9-2 lead. Vitality won the last four rounds of the first half bringing the score back to manageable 6-9. 

The second half was much closer as both teams got a series of rounds that allowed them to stay within touching distance of each other. But forZe’s three-round lead from the first half proved to be too much for G2 to challenge.

Nuke is usually considered to be a CT sided map, however, G2 could barely string together enough resources to mount a sizable defense. 

A Quick Dust 2: A very Quick Dust 2

Vitality Apex had some standout performances on Day 2 of the <a href="">PGL Antwerp</a> CS: GO Major. Image Credit: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">PGL</a>.
Vitality Apex had some standout performances on Day 2 of the PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major. Image Credit: PGL.

The second map of Dust 2 was a very one-sided affair as Vitality took their revenge on forZe. A dominant 13-2 start on the CT side meant that Vitality only needed three rounds to win Dust 2. ForZe staged a comeback but eventually Vitality won Dust 2 without any troubles.

Apex’s brilliant play and patience allowed Vitality to dictate the pace of the game. Apex’s form on Dust 2 carried over to Mirage where the player finished with a 23-9 KD.


The second pistol round on Mirage was a round of going around in cricles. Vitality’s early push through the underpass was basically a deception as it gave them a false sense of security. ForZe walked into the B bombsite facing zero opposition and getting a free plant.

But Vitality found their feet after a few forZe rounds. The score went to 14-12, a dangerous score for Vitaliy who were on an eco. As has been extremely common over the years, Apex stepped up getting two one-deags in mid and giving Vitality a huge victory. 

Mirage was a very close map but eventually, Vitality closed it out. Magisk and Apex with 25 and 23 kills were able to spearhead the Vitality squad to victory. Vitality qualified to the Legends stage where they will compete against some of the best teams in the world.

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