Images, Screenshots and Water. Just something really exciting about this water.

The latest CS2 update added a new game mode and two new maps to the game. The two new maps - Overpass and Vertigo - represent different approaches to map development for CS2. While Overpass has received considerable changes, Vertigo appears to be largely untouched except for cosmetic changes.

Beautiful Overpass joins CS2 and it is a work of art

Overpass was one of the maps that Valve highlighted in its CS2 trailer. With responsive smokes and improved graphics, Overpass remains one of the maps where there are significant changes possible in the meta. 

The latest update adds a few changes to the map that will alter the way teams play this map. Additionally, there are also significant graphic changes that might not impact the overall performance of the map. Here are a few changes to the map.

Water in CS2 - It’s good and not always clean

With the improved graphics, one of the most noticeable changes is how Water behaves in CS2. With near-realistic reflections, movement and visuals, players might spend hours trudging through and playing with the brown sewage water on Overpass. 

Being able to do so from the comfort of your home and without getting dirty is not really as much as an advantage as it might sound. Creator 3kPhillips has created a video that highlights the water behavior in CS2. 

If the Overpass Water does not disgust you yet, it does add for an element of realism there are improved graphics throughout the map.

Improved Overpass Graphics

<em>Image Credit: </em><a href=""><em>Redditor donut_flame</em></a>
Image Credit: Redditor donut_flame

There are also significant graphic improvements across areas on the Overpass map. This includes the B bombsite, wood that has always been spammable. But with the new graphics, the spammable nature of the material is now more believable. After all, do you believe you can shoot through what might look like a thick wood wall or a near-translucent wooden paneling? 

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image 2
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Vertigo remains untouched in the latest update

Veteran FaZe Clan player, Russel "Twistzz" Van Dulken, mentioned how there are no changes to Vertigo that he could discern at first glance. The map has received a few graphic lighting changes, but none of them will impact the way the game is played.

Valve replaced Cache with Vertigo in the Active Duty Map Pool in 2019. The map continued to receive several updates to ensure it remains a competitive setting, although it is still probably not one of the more popular maps.

Maybe they (Valve) thought the map was already up to date for cs2, but it hasn't been updated in any significant way in the past year, the last update was to block the mid/B bug molo, which ended up being possible still.

Twistzz on Vertigo in CS2

The lack of any changes to Vertigo raises questions about the map’s long-term viability in CS2. While new maps may still join the game's list, it does not mean they will be a part of the Active Duty Map pool. Tournaments and competitions feature the official Active Duty Map pool for their competitive setting.

Valve will continue to ship regular updates to CS2 before its impending release in Summer 2023.

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