OG Esports Knocked out by Renegades 2-0 at IEM Cologne cover image

OG Esports Knocked out by Renegades 2-0 at IEM Cologne

Renegades defeat OG in 2-0 fashion as the Oceanic team moves into the main stage of IEM Cologne 2021.

In a shocking turn of events, OG Esports are knocked out by Oceania's Renegades 2-0 at IEM Cologne. As a result, the Renegades are now qualified for the main event.

Renegades were expected to drop out in the play-in stage of IEM Cologne, boasting 90.00 Midnite odds. In comparison, OG are meant to be a darkhorse to win IEM Cologne. Unfortunately for the international CS:GO lineup, their run at IEM Cologne is now over. Meanwhile, the Oceanic side will now look to make a loser's bracket miracle run to the playoff's at the main event.

On the first map selection of Nuke, both teams battled evenly where OG grabbed a slight lead of 8-7 after the first half. From this point, OG were unable to maintain their slight advantage as Renegades ran away with the second half. Thus, ultimately closing out the first map on Nuke 16-11.

Renegades and OG Duel to Overtime on Inferno

The second map set on Inferno was a different story as both teams battled back and forth during the game. In the first half, OG were able to pickup crucial rounds in the first half to prevent any Renegades momentum.

However, the Oceanic team were able to pull back in the first half to only trail by one round at halftime. Once again, OG were able to garner an early lead before the Renegades began to claw back at 14 rounds.

<em>OG at IEM Cologne 2021. Photo via ESL</em>
OG at IEM Cologne 2021. Photo via ESL

OG were able to pull it back a little bit to enter map point 15-14 before letting Renegades grabs round 30.

In overtime, the map became one sided as the LAN experience from the Renegades prevailed in the final rounds of Inferno. In turn, the Renegades are able to sweep Overtime on Inferno 19-15. Thus, putting a stop to OG's campaign to win CSGO's first lan event in 2021.

Where both teams go from here

It is a rough return to LAN for the IEM Summer runner-ups. OG are currently ranked #13 in the HLTV rankings, but that is sure to drop after IEM Cologne. Now out of the event, the European lineup will look to readjust to a LAN environment and recalibrate for the next tournament. It is apparent that being onstage hindered some of the performances from the team's rookie players.

As for the Renegades, LAN experience prevails today. The Oceanic team are currently #50 in the HLTV Rankings due to a lack of tournaments in Australia. Now back in a LAN environment, Renegades are moving forward with an advantage. They will have an ability to do deep preparation for their opponents with active VoD Reviews. It will be interesting to see how far Renegades can go in the main stages of IEM Cologne.

IEM Cologne will begin their main stage portion of the event on July 8 where 16 teams will be divided into either Group A or B. From here, six teams will forward into the playoff bracket where the first place team from each group will receive a bye to the semifinals.

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