Npl joins B8 Esports CS:GO team cover image

Npl joins B8 Esports CS:GO team

Days after being benched by NAVI, npl has found a new home. He joins B8 Esports on loan.

17-year-old Andrii "npl" Kukharskyi was moved to the NAVI bench on June 30 making way for NAVI’s two new signings. However, after just nine days on the bench and he has already found a new home in B8 Esports. 

Npl joined NAVI Junior in 2021 as the org looked to promote local talent to the upper echelons. He played several matches for NAVI throughout 2022, however, the team failed to achieve desired results. NAVI’s BLAST Paris Major run saw the team finish in the 9-11th place losing 1-2 to FaZe Clan. 

He now joins B8 Esports on a loan as he looks to ply his skill on another roster. Npl replaces Altair "⁠kAlash⁠" Askarov who parted ways with B8 on July 5. It will be a different experience for the youngster to play under the leadership of Mykhajlo "OWNER" Lymar on B8 Esports. However, a change of environment might be just what he needs to flourish as there is no doubt amongst his former teammates about his skill and ability. 

B8 made it to the BLAST Paris Major RMR decider tournament where they lost to Cloud9. In their effort to bolster their roster which is already a threat in the Tier 2 scene, the latest addition will add significant firepower. 

In a statement on social media, B8 stated: "This is a big boost for our team, filling a gap we felt in our recent two RMRs. Anyway, building a strong team and perfecting our gameplay can take some time, but we're committed to working hard to achieve this as fast as we can."

B8’s complete CS:GO lineup is as follows:

  • Artem "⁠r1nkle⁠" Moroz
  • Arseniy "⁠cptkurtka023⁠" Derevinskiy
  • Denis "⁠amster⁠" Liashenko
  • Mykhailo "⁠OWNER⁠" Lymar
  • Andrii "⁠npl⁠" Kukharskyi
  • Ivan "⁠maddened⁠" Iordanidi (coach)
  • Alexey "⁠alex666⁠" Yarmoshchuk (benched)

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