Mousesports win Flashpoint 3 after a 2-1 victory over the Ninjas in Pyjamas. The team wins $17,000 prize money as well as 1600 RMR points.

The Flashpoint Season 3 had two different storylines coming into the grand finals. On one hand, we have Mousesports, a team that was yet to lose a single map through the tournament. The Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP), on the other hand, started the EU RMR event in a big controversy against Team Anonymo.

The Flashpoint Season 3 is the European Regional Major ranking event. The tournament started off with sixteen of the best teams from the region. It has a $50,000 prize pool, but also offers valuable RMR points that will help teams qualify for the PGL Stockholm Major. EPIC League CS:GO and cs_summit 8 are the RMR events for CIS and NA respectively. 

NiP picked Overpass to break Mousesports unbeaten run

The veto was always going to be an interesting map. NiP and Mousepsorts, both had an 83% win-rate on this map before this series. The two teams have different playstyles on Overpass. NiP prefers a methodical approach to the game, but it has shown both fast and a slow paced game on Overpass. 

Mousesports won the pistol round and quickly followed it up with three more rounds. However, after the initial rounds, the team did not have any answer to NiP’s cautious aggression. NiP won 10 of the remaining 11 rounds, roaring to a 10-5 score. 

The second-half saw both teams trade a bunch of rounds, but Mouseposrts could never overcome NiP’s lead. NiP won Overpass with a 16-13 score, handing Mouseports its first map defeat of the tournament. It was a team effort for the Ninjas with every player scoring over 20 kills on Overpass.

Mouseports crush NiP on Nuke

After receiving its first loss on Overpass, Mousesports struck back on Nuke. And in a fashion that is sure to set NiP fans reeling with horror. The Nuke story was all Mousesports. The team won the first few rounds going to a 4-0 score. While the scoreboard shows NiP as the winner of the next three rounds, it was Mousesports understanding that the round is lost and running out of time. The team did not take a hit to its economy and conitued to intermittenly win T-side rounds. But the real masterpiece came in the second half of the series.

Christopher "dexter" Nong's 3-kill pistol opening round helped Mousesports set the pace in the second half. Mousesports continued winning round after round, ultimately securing the map with a 16-6 score. David "frozen" Čerňanský finished the map with 24 kills and was the MVP on Nuke.

Inferno - It's always the last map!

It is always apt to see Inferno as the third map in any tournament finals. Mousesports continued its dominant form from Nuke and cruised to a 9-3 score. Eventually NiP managed to score a couple of rounds to close the half at 5-10. However, the writing was clear; Mousesports were here to play!

Dexter and co. ultimately closed the series with a 16-9 score to win Flashpoint Season 3 in an almost-flawless fashion.

Mousesports win Flashpoint 3

With this victory, Mousesports complete Flashpoint 3 with just one map loss. The team had been dominant right from the start and is now the champion of the EU RMR event. They take home $17,000 and 1600 RMR points.

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