A new era dawns for NAVI CS: GO.

Electronic could emerge as the player to lead Natus Vincere, to fill a void in leadership after Boombi4’s departure. 

Earlier this week, the PGL Stockholm winning team announced the departure of Boombi4 from the team’s active roster. The announcement came as a surprise to the CS: GO community, especially since NAVI is one of the top teams and was not expected to make a roster change.

The decision to remove Boombi4 from the active roster was due to “high reputational risks for the club.” The official statement specifically attributes the decision as not due to player’s performance, which eliminates some of the possible reasons for his removal. 

According to a report by Luis Mira of Dexerto, electronic might be the player to take on the role of the In-Game Leader in Navi. Electronic joined NAVI in November 2017 and has been a core member of the roster ever since. 

Who is Navi’s fifth player?

Navi CS: GO squad, PGL Stockholm Major. electronic has been a key member of the Navi CS: GO squad.
Navi CS: GO squad won the PGL Stockholm Major. Image Credit: PGL.

Boombi4’s exit leaves open a spot on one of the world’s best team in CS: GO. There were reports linking Navi to YEKINDAR of Virtus.Pro. However, with NAVI refusing to deal with Russian org, Virtus.pro, the chances of YEKINDAR”s move to NAVI were dependent on his contractual situation with VP.  On May 30, Navi’s COO refuted any rumors of a possible YEKINDAR move.

There has been no official communication yet about the fifth player to join NAVI although there is a possibility of YEKINDAR’s teammate, BUSTER joining the squad. However, with several TOs and teams having issues with Virtus.Pro’s ties to the Russian government, it is not clear whether such a move could solidify.

Today, Virtus.Pro announced the addition of n0rb3r7 and fame to its CSGO roster.

Navi will compete in the BLAST Premier Spring Final between June 15-19 in Lisbon. CS: GO fans can expect news on the team’s fifth player before that.

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