One of the most storied IGLs is moving on

A career spanning more than ten years has come to an end with Mathias "⁠MSL⁠" Lauridsen announcing his retirement from professional Counter-Strike. He didn’t rule out a future return, but his next adventure might be outside of CS:GO said the 28-year-old Dane.

"It would be an obvious choice for me, to become a coach, but for now I feel that something else is calling. I might be back at some point."

MSL in an Instagram post

MSL's retirement: A career spanning ten years

MSL is a storied In-game leader in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, but his career actually started in a previous game. Counter-Strike Source was when MSL first made his appearance on the International scene playing for a few relatively unknown teams. 

He transitioned to CS:GO in 2012, but his first ‘big CS:GO event’ was with Team Anexis. After Team Anexis, MSL has played for some of the biggest organizations and on rosters that would later go on to dominate the Counter-Strike scene. He played for teams such as 3DMAX, Reason Gaming, Copenhagen Wolves, Team Dignitas, Rogue, and OpTiC Gaming. The respected Danish In Game Leader was known for his leadership style that allowed players on his rosters to shine and fulfill their potential. 

He also had a knack for spotting young talent and cultivating their skills to reach their potential. A career that spanned over a decade, MSL attended nine Majors and won several top-tier events. 

As of now, we don’t know what the future holds for MSL after his retirement. His later years were spent trying to reach the top tier of CS:GO, but unfortunately, he was repeatedly unsuccessful. Despite this, his career ends with him being one of the true In-Game Leaders who allowed their teammates to shine and move on to much bigger rosters. 

Some of MSL’s achievements include:

  • EPICENTER: Moscow
  • DreamHack Open Montreal 2017
  • DreamHack Open Tours 2018
  • DreamHack Open Valencia 2018
  • And DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018 (HLTV MVP)
  • DreamHack Open Summer 2019
  • GG.Bet New York Invitational 2019

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