MOUZ will face off against ENCE in the semifinals.

MOUZ survived a series against G2 esports in the ESL Pro League Season 18 to qualify for the semifinals. The 2-1 victory over G2 over three maps was an exciting finish with ups and downs throughout the series. Here’s how it all went down between MOUZ and G2 esports. 

Mirage - G2 Vanishing act in the second half

Things started off strong for G2 esports after a 5-0 start on the CT side of Mirage. It was not until Round 5 that Mouz actually had an opportunity to win, which they grabbed. However, they were not really able to string together multiple rounds, similar to what G2 did at the start of the series.

Slowly but surely, MOUZ seemed to be getting back in their groove. They won the majority of the remaining rounds to end the first half with a 7-8 score.

The second half saw G2 fall off their top form. With mONESY not performing at the same level that fans are accustomed to, it was tough going for G2 esports in the second half. After reaching 13 rounds, G2 could not get any more leeway into the map. MOUZ won four straight rounds to end the map with a victory and take a one-map lead in the series.

Ancient - Close finish for G2 esports

Ancient had a similar start to Mirage with G2 starting off really strong. MONESY who was visibly absent in the second half of Mirage, seemed to have completely bounced back on Ancient. The young superstar was able to get frags and his confident play allowed G2 esports to take a strong lead.

G2 esports had a 8-2 lead on Ancient, but once again MOUZ made a small comeback to end the half 6-9. It was more than enough for MOUZ as a 6-9 half is still a respectable score. The first half ended with JIMMPPHAT providing a strong showing and bouncing back in a fashionable manner. 

After winning the initial pistol rounds, MOUZ was unable to break the CT defense. G2 marched ahead to 15 with five CT side-round wins. They were only one round away from victory before MOUZ started their spirited comeback. It went all the way down to 15-14 before G2 secured their final round. It was very close to being a 2-0 victory for MOUZ, but it wasn’t meant to be on Ancient. 

Hunter and Niko were the top-scorers on G2 esports, with both players securing more than 20 kills apiece. Despite Torzsi’s best efforts - which included a magnificent 26 kills - MOUZ were unable to secure the win.

Inferno - MOUZ turn the tables

The final map of Inferno saw a complete turnaround in terms of map start. After G2 had completely dominated the early sessions of the previous two maps, MOUZ came out with a crushing start. A 9-2 start on the CT side of Inferno gave MOUZ a necessary lead on the final map.

G2 did manage to make a comeback after taking advantage of their T-side dominance and an understanding of the MOUZ defense. The first half ended with a 9-6 lead for MOUZ. In terms of raw numbers it was not that great, but considering MOUZ have been playing on the back foot for the past two maps, this was a change in momentum.

G2 could manage just one round win in the second half and MOUZ cruised their way to victory in this ESL Pro League match. After a very exciting Map 2, Inferno ended up being a dampener for fans expecting a close finish.

With this victory, MOUZ has secured themselves a spot in the ESL Pro League Season 18 playoffs semifinals. They will go up against ENCE who demolished Movistar Riders in the other match of the day. The ESL Pro League Season 18 is the final CS:GO Tier 1 League with most of the other tournaments switching to the newly released CS2. 

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