Mousesports defeat G2 (2-0) at Flashpoint 3 to secure a grand finals slot. Mouz has not lost a single map in the European RMR event. But can it continue its win streak?

The upper bracket final match at Flashpoint Season 3 saw Mousepsorts take on G2 esports. The stakes were high as the winner would move on to the grand finals. The loser would get another chance via the lower bracket, but neither team was prepared to lose.

Mousesports has been extremely dominant so far and had not lost a single map so far. The team had defeated the likes of Astralis, Fnatic and BIG esports. Facing off against Mousesports was the fourth-best team in the world, G2 esports. G2 wasn’t undefeated like Mouseports, but the team faced some really tough opponents in this tournament. Taking down NiP, Heroic and FaZe Clan is no mean feat, and expectations were high for the team's performance in this match as well. Could G2 esports hand Mousesports its first loss of the tournament, or would Mousesports send G2 packing to the lower bracket? Here’s how it all unfolded in the upper bracket of Flashpoint Season 3. 

Mousesports take down G2 esports on Inferno

Mousesports started Inferno on the CT side and was off to a strong start. Seven of the eight Mousesports round victories were elimination wins highlighting the strength of the team’s defense. G2 was unable to plant the bomb on most occasions.

G2 brought the score back to a respectable 8-7 after the first half. However, G2’s defense fell apart as they could not hold back Mousesports’ B attacks. Mousepsorts was able to exploit multiple vulnerabilities in the G2 defense and quickly brought the score to 14-7.

A few late G2 round wins were just too little too late in the map. Mousesports ended Inferno with a 16-10 score. Inferno was G2’s map pick so things were always going to be tougher on the second map, Nuke. 

Streak’s alive: Mousesports remain undefeated at Flashpoint 3

The Inferno win was Mousesports’ seventh consecutive map win in Flashpoint Season 3. As the team continued its undefeated streak, G2 had to make a statement on Nuke.

And make a statement they did. Nuke is a very CT-sided map and G2’s players were on point with their defense. The map started with a 1v2 Hunter clutch and G2 continued with its newfound momentum throughout the rest of the half. 

G2’s players are extremely skilled and the individual skill was on full display as Niko would constantly hit the enemy’s heads. Helped largely by the players' individual skill and performance, G2 raced ahead in the first half.

G2 raced ahead to a 10-2 score and Nuke was already looking like its in the bag for G2. But Mousepsorts won the last three rounds of the first half, a series of rounds that would prove instrumental in the final outcome.

Once the teams switched sides; however, Mousesports’ CT defense was a reminder of G2’s wall. Mousesports won eight of the first nine rounds taking the lead over G2 esports. But unlike Mousesports in the first half, G2 seemed unable to find a way through the Mousesports defense, especially on the outer area of Nuke. 

Mousesports secures a top two finish

With this victory, Mousesports has now secured its spot in the grand finals of Flashpoint Season 3. The team has guaranteed a top two finish in the tournament. G2 goes down to the lower bracket where the team will face the winner of the Heroic-NiP match later today.

The grand finals will take place on May 30 and the winner takes home $17,000 and 1600 RMR points. All matches are broadcast live on Twitch.

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Featured Image Credit: Mousesports.