M0nesy continues his rookie season in tier one CS:GO at just age 16, continuing to put pros almost twice his age on ice.

G2 Esports' Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov's rookie season in tier one CS:GO continues to be a sight to behold. This time, the young maestro was put on a display with the AWP against MiBR at the BLAST Premier Spring Group Stage.

He's proving to be a worthy pickup from Na'vi Junor for G2, indeed.

M0nesy's hero moment helped secure G2's slot at BLAST Premier Spring

On Inferno, G2 were handily putting away MiBR when it looked like the latter was about to show signs of life in the 9th round. Not if M0nesy had anything to say about it, as he proceeded to clutch out an insane play.

After quickly taking down two, a game of peek-a-boo went M0nesy's way. A bomb plant and a quick flick of the wrist closed out the play. His team was jubilant at the prodigy's performance, shutting down any hope of a MiBR comeback, and sealing the match's result. G2 went on to win the match 2-0, securing their place at the BLAST Premier Spring Finals in the Last Chance match.

You can hear the voice comms of the moment, showing m0NESY's poise despite the hype of his teammates:

And if you want to see just the moment, HLTV did a great edit from the CS:GO client:

No crowd? No problem - social media's roar was deafening

While one of the biggest things missing in CS:GO these days is the roar of the crowd, social media definitely was a good substitute for the play in the early hours of Sunday morning.

His teammates were very congratulatory of the young man, as well:

Perhaps some regret from Na'vi as they realized they let a young man go with seemingly unlimited potential:

M0nesy is only sixteen: a bright future in CS:GO ahead

Many in the CS:GO community have been taken aback by the sudden rise of M0nesy. After making a name for himself last year on Na'vi Junior, the young player was transferred to G2 Esports.

Seemingly sensing opportunity, G2 Esports took a chance on the prodigy as he was a free agent, helping to rebuild the roster after the departure of "Nemanja "nexa" Isakovic to OG, and the benching of Francois "Amanek" Delauney in late January.

That chance has paid dividends already, as the new roster led by Alexsib and coached by XTQZZZ has begun to prove themselves. With M0nesy being so young and early in his career, he could remain a key cornerstone for G2 to build upon, perhaps a career player as S1mple has been for Na'vi. To put that in perspective, if M0nesy were to keep playing for 10 years, he'd only be as old as S1mple is now - and his form today demonstrates how powerful that could be for G2 in the long term.

Not only that, but M0nesy's success could be a powerful motivator for teams to invest in junior divisions, raising the next generation of stars. This is especially important for CS:GO in an era where the game has stiff competition from games like Valorant, which attracts pros with promises of higher salaries.

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