KennyS is now part of Team Falcons – joins NBK on the French CS: GO squad cover image

KennyS is now part of Team Falcons – joins NBK on the French CS: GO squad

KennyS makes his return as an active player.

One of the former CS: GO greats, KennyS has parted ways with G2 esports. The 27-year-old player has been a part of the org for nearly six years, first as a player and then as a content creator. KennyS will now join Team Flacons, a roster NBK, misutaaa and more.

A Legend leaves G2 esports

KennyS is a name that stands up there with the best in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The star AWPer rose to fame at a time when the AWP was one of the more powerful weapons in the game. There were other great AWPers too from GuardiaN to Olofmeister, but KennyS shone through the crowd. 

For starters, Titan esports was one of the best teams to never be the best. Often overshadowed by the flamboyant Fnatic and the God-lurker in Olofmeister, Titan was often one of the only teams that could defeat Fnatic at that point in time.

It was a mix of skill as well as excellent leadership, but the overall roster lacked the necessary firepower. But KennYs’ AWP player has had some of the greatest impacts on CS: GO gameplay.


Even though KennyS has been on G2’s roster, he has been on the bench for a long time. 

On March 4, 2021, G2 esports benched KennyS to form a team capable of winning Majors. While winning a Major still remains a pipe dream for G2 esports, thanks partly due to this missed deagle shot by NiKo, the team is much stronger and a real challenger for Major titles. 

But KennyS is now joining Team Falcons, a team that features other prominent French players NBK, misutaaa, handJi and more.

One of the best teams to not be the best, Titan esports was home to one of the best 

What’s next for KennyS?

For starters, he gets to play. It’s difficult for a player of his caliber to stay on the sidelines and collect a paycheck. That is the primary reason why he decided to leave G2 esports and join another team as a player. 

Team Falcons is owned by MsDossary, a professional FIFA player. He has played for orgs like Rogue and Tundra esports before forming his own esports organization. With a French CS: GO lineup featuring the likes of KennyS, NBK, misutaa and more, there is potential for Team Falcons to surprise quite a few fans in CS: GO.

What is Team Falcons CS: GO roster?

  • Ali "hAdji" Haïnouss
  • Jordan "Python" Munck-Foehrle
  • Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt
  • Kévin "misutaaa" Rabier
  • Kenny "kennyS" Schru

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