KarrigaN shines in FaZe’s win over Team Liquid at BLAST Premier Fall Groups cover image

KarrigaN shines in FaZe’s win over Team Liquid at BLAST Premier Fall Groups

Leading by example.

Nearly one year ago, FaZe Clan lifted the IEM Cologne 2022 trophy. There are still a few days for IEM Cologne 2023, but FaZe Clan was competing in a different tournament. The BLAST Premier Fall Groups group stage Grand Final saw FaZe take on Team Liquid. The winner would secure an invitation to the Fall Finals later in the year and today it was FaZe Clan.

FaZe dominates Team Liquid across two maps

FaZe Clan’s performance on both maps is a drastic improvement from their previous endeavors, even in this tournament. The roster seems to be improving with each match and this time it was the team’s IGL who stepped up to the occasion.

With a 1.40 rating and 43 kills across two maps, KarrigaN’s performance propelled FaZe Clan to close out Overpass. Valve recently added Overpass to the CS2 map roster with unique designs and significantly improved graphics. 

The second map of Ancient was Team Liquid’s map of choice. They won the pistol but allowed FaZe to take the next few rounds. Team Liquid did strike back once they had guns in their hands but it wasn't enough.

Some amazing individual skills saw FaZe Clan steal the show from Team Liquid. And overall, FaZe Clan just looked like a team that is on the up and about while Team Liquid was still finding its footing.

Team Liquid’s new roster fails to shine

Team Liquid has made a few changes recently to its CS:GO roster. The team added Aleks "Rainwaker" Petrov and Robert "Patsi" Isyanov to the squad less than a month ago. As such, some issues are expected, although we can compare them to NAVI who recently had a stellar performance against Heroic despite the loss. 

With this loss, Team Liquid still has another chance to qualify for the BLAST Premier Fall Finals. The Fall Finals take place in November this year and feature a $425,000 prize pool. The winner of the Fall Final will also receive an invitation to attend the BLAST Premier World Finals in December.

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