Eight years, Three Major Victories and 25 Titles, JW had an illustrious career on Fnatic in CSGO. He is set to explore the next chapter of his career.

JW and Fnatic are an iconic duo, the player has been on Fnatic for most of his CS:GO career. But all things come to an end and JW will no longer wear the Fnatic jersey. 

JW has not been on the Fnatic active roster for some time. Fnatic benched JW in July following disappointing team results. The organization also announced plans to go with an international roster, an identity change for the org’s primarily Sweden-dominant presence in CS:GO.

As of today I am released from my contract and will be entering free agency. A pretty emotional but also pretty exciting day, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of the journey for everything they have given me throughout my career.

JW spent eight years with Fnatic, which is most of his career in CS:GO. During his time on the organization, the player won 3 CS:GO Majors and 25 titles, a commendable feat for any player. 

After the final RMR event of the season, we now have all teams that will take part in the CS:GO Major. Fnatic won’t be participating in the Major, but with its new roster, the org hopes to bounce back in rankings after the Major. 

What’s Next for JW?

JW will still be involved in CS:GO. The veteran player will be streaming and possibly play in a few qualifiers. He has not yet found a team, but a player of his calibre won’t stay long without. 

“I will work hard on my game, try to stream some and try to play in as many qualifiers as possible until i know whats next for me.”

In the end, all in all its been one hell of a ride but nothing lasts forever and it is time for me to start writing the next chapter.

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