Here’s hoping Valve will bring it back!

In the latest update, Valve has brought several new features to CS2. With a new Premier Mode, CS Rating, and leaderboards, players can expect more data and a well-defined path to pro. Counter-Strike 2 also moves to an MR12, where teams play twelve rounds a side. But there’s one change that has not gone down well with CS:GO fans, and it’s not what you’d expect.

Inferno Tic Tac Toe no more

In June 2020, Valve added an interesting update to Inferno on CS:GO. Amidst other things, T-side players could play Tic Tac Toe in their spawn. This would often result in some interesting conversation at the T-side spawn.

With chickens roaming around freely, the pub matches would get intense even before the timer would count down to zero. In the latest update, the Tic Tac Toe is no longer present in the spawn, much to the dismay of many Counter-Strike players. 

CS:GO fans on Reddit have taken to hyperbole to describe their disappointment. While it does not impact the actual map in any ways whatsoever, quite often players grow attached to unique features like this. 

“Thats not Inferno, it’s a whole goddamn new map,” said a Reddit user clearly maximizing his exaggeration of the change. 

A significant part of the community still cannot believe that Valve would simply remove the Tic Tac Toe game from Inferno. With many hopeful of the game making a comeback, it remains to be seen whether Valve will actually add the mini-game back to the map. 

CS2’s latest update adds CS Rating, MR12 and leaderboards

The latest CS2 update has brought about major changes to the new game that is set to launch in Summer of 2023. With a new CS Rating and Leaderboards to highlight the best players, there’s a lot at stake for pub matches. Meanwhile, Counter-Strike 2 will also feature MR12 which means they will have matches with twelve rounds a half, similar to Riot’s VALORANT.

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