IEM Rio CS: GO Stickers and Viewer Pass Released, Pick’ems Begin cover image

IEM Rio CS: GO Stickers and Viewer Pass Released, Pick’ems Begin

The first-ever Brazilian Major is just over a week away, and Valve has finally released the Major update. Here’s everything you need to know to get started with Stickers, Pick’ems and Souvenir Packages at IEM Rio

Valve has released the much-awaited update to CSGO, starting the sales of items related to the IEM Rio Major. The first-ever Brazilian Major is set to start in a little over a week on October 31st. The items on sale include Team and Player Autograph CS: GO Stickers as well as the Viewer Pass that grants access to the major Pick’Ems Challenge, upgradeable Event Coin, and Souvenir Packages.

Viewer Pass price

The price of the viewer pass is approximately $10 for the pass alone, and up to $18 for the pass with three included souvenir tokens. These tokens can also be earned through the Pick’Ems challenges, or bought in-game after activating the viewer pass. The individual tokens are usually priced at around $3.

Team and Player Autograph CS: GO Stickers come in capsules of 8 teams each, divided by their seeding at the Major. The Legends, Challengers and Contenders capsules are on sale right now at the price of $1 per capsule, while the Champions capsules will be released after the major concludes and will include commemorative stickers for the victorious team.

As with the past Majors, 50% of all proceeds from the sale of these items will go to the teams and players featured in these items. The proceeds from the last two majors, namely PGL Stockholm and PGL Antwerp, amounted to a total of over $70 million dollars distributed amongst the participants.

The IEM Rio Major Challengers stage kicks off on October 31st and will feature teams like Vitality and Cloud9 fighting for a spot in the top 16. With a $1,250,000 prize pool on the line, every team will be bringing their A-game in the hope to lift the elusive Major trophy. The event will also feature exclusive fan events hosted by Gaules, an event that is bound to bring a large presence of the CS: GO fans in the region. Who will emerge victorious?