Pimp thinks its highly probable HUNDEN Is telling the truth.

Nicolai "⁠HUNDEN⁠" Petersen has claimed that some Heroic players knew about him abusing the coaching bug. This statement comes just hours before ESIC will release its findings and decision on accusations against HUNDEN on Friday.

The CS:GO esports community was rocked to the core by several instances of coaches abusing a bug in-game in 2020. The visual bug allowed coaches to see enemy player positions and movements, giving their team a massive strategic advantage. One of the worst offenders of this bug abuse was Team Heroic’s coach, HUNDEN. He received an eight-month ban for his actions. However, with further claims of him leaking sensitive strategy material to opponents, he could face tougher ESIC sanctions.

HUNDEN claims players knew

In an interview with Danish website, sport.tv2.dk, HUNDEN claims some Heroic players were aware of this abuse. If true, this would have far-reaching implications for the Heroic roster of the time.

"Some players knew," the 30-year-old said. "I will not give any names, because I think it is up to the players themselves."

Danish website, TV 2 sport claims to have documents that support Hunden’s claims. While these documents are not yet public, CS:GO analyst, Pimp has seen said documents and he believes HUNDEN is speaking the truth.

This could have massive implications for Heroic’s players. While a couple of players have moved on to other teams, three members are still part of the Danish organization today. If proven to have been involved in active abuse of the visual bug, the guilty players could receive ESIC bans. They could also face more action from Valve, which would adversely impact their professional career.

Did the Heroic players know of the bug?

HUNDEN claims there was an open discussion in the team about whether to use the bug for in-game advantage. The timeline provided by the website claims Heroic abused the bug in their match against Astralis on May 19. Some players knew of this action while the rest were unaware. The team continued using the bug a second time against Team Spirit. Some players were complicit with the cheating this time as well.

Heroic’s lineup at the time was as follows:

  • Nikolaj 'niko' Kristensen.
  • Johannes 'b0RUP' Borup.
  • Casper 'cadiaN' Møller.
  • Martin 'stavn' Lund.
  • René 'TeSeS' Madsen.

Three members of the list are still a part of Heroic. Niko has moved to OG while boRUP is now a part of MAD Lions.

Heroic was one of the most successful teams in the 2020 online era of Counter-Strike. If claims of players' knowledge are true, it casts a shadow on the players' achievements and performance last year.

HUNDEN Changes his story

It is important to note that HUNDEN’s claims of players being aware of the coaching bug are contradictory to his previous statements. The former Heroic coach has repeatedly stated that the players did not know about him abusing the coaching bug. 

He changed his explanation after he was fired from the team in July and very shortly before, ESIC will make their decision in the pending case tomorrow. I am convinced that ESIC and the rest of the world will see this for what it is: Nicolai Petersen failed his teammates by cheating, he let them down by sharing confidential and sensitive information with a great competitor, and he is now letting them down a third time by trying to blame them for his actions. It is not very heroic.

Heroic’s CEO Joachim Haraldsen for TV 2 Sport

Heroic’s CEO, Joachim Haraldsen denies the accusations and claims HUNDEN is trying to taint the team in a bad light. He references HUNDEN's previous statements where the coach denies any player involvement.

The Esports Integrity Commission will release its findings on accusations of HUNDEN leaking sensitive strategies to opponents on Friday. 

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