The crowd chants Heroic Heroic despite their defeat. An era come to an end?

The first semifinal of the BLAST Paris Major resulted in a massive upset, possibly the biggest of the tournament so far. The final CS:GO Major, ever, has seen quite a few upsets over the past few weeks. But the semifinal saw the tournament favorites, Heroic crash out of the event despite the massive crowd support and the experience of the players. GamerLegion now proceeds to the Grand finals where they await the winner of Vitality and Apeks. 

Heroic vs GamerLegion: Constantly shifting emotions

Heroic came into the series as the undoubted favorite. Having dominated several tournaments, and being one of the top teams for a few months now, it was Heroic’s game to lose. 

GamerLegion picked Ancient as their map of choice. It wasn’t a big surprise considering Heroic are generally not a favorite on this sided map. A stellar T side from GamerLegion pointed toward a Map 1 victory. But the Danes had other plans, putting up a strong T-side of their own. GamerLegion players could simply never find the footing to get anything going on their CT side. 

Stavn and Jabbi rose up to the occasion often getting entry frags and putting the GamerLegion players out of position. It was a narrow victory, but a victory nonetheless as Heroic took Ancient 16-13. 

Speaking of narrow victories, we now move on to Inferno. Heroic continued on the T-side and won the first few rounds. But the GamerLegion roster soon understood the Heroic tendency and calls mid-round to dominate the latter part of the first half. Stringing together a bunch of rounds, GamerLegion took the advantage with a 9-6 half. 

Consistent aggressive plays by the GamerLegion roster meant that Heroic couldn’t really string together a comeback. The second half saw both teams go neck-to-neck, but Gamerlegion ultimately edged Heroic out at 16-14.

With the close nature of the first two maps, all eyes were on Mirage, a map that is a favorite for both sides. Heroic are popular for some of the most epic plays on this map and have won tournaments after winning Mirage. But today was not their day as GamerLegion had a strategy in place and Heroic crumbled, at 6-16. Yes they won just six rounds to close their BLAST Paris run.

Standing Ovation for Cadian

In the post-match interview, CadiaN got emotional as he watched thousnads of fans chanting his and his team’s name. The crowd was consistently behind Heroic and some even tried to boo as GamerLegion players waved out to them. However, we must add, the crowd was very sporting and gave GamerLegion the respect they deserved after that victory.

GamerLegion CS:GO roster

  • Ivan "iM" Mihai 
  • Isak "isak" Fahlén
  • Frederik "acoR" Gyldstrand
  • Kamil "siuhy" Szkaradek
  • Nicolas "Keoz" Dgus

Heroic CS:GO roster

  • Martin "stavn" Lund
  • Casper "cadiaN" Møller
  • René "TeSeS" Madsen
  • Rasmus "sjuush" Beck
  • Jakob "Jabbi" Nygaard

GamerLegion now moves on to the Grand Final where they will face the winner of the Vitality vs Apeks match. The BLAST Paris Major has a $1.25 million prize pool and will crown one team as the winner of the last CS:GO Major. 

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