Heroic look stronger with each match. Who will win the Danish derby?

The Pinnacle cup is down to its final day and Heroic and BIG faced off against each other in the lower bracket final. BIG has been happy surprise this tournament, going undefeated in the group stage. Heroic finished second in the group stage behind BIG, but now have a chance at redemption against BIG with the loser of this match facing elimination.

The Pinnacle Cup is an eight-team CS: GO tournament featuring several notable teams. With a prize pool of $250,000 and spread out over four days, the Pinnacle CS: GO cup’s final day saw a stellar showing by the two teams. However, only one could advance and today, it was Heroic that came out on top.

Asked in the post-match interview whether Heroic would show up in the big matches, or would they falter again as they have recently.

I think it's about time we show we can perform in those big games. I think we did it at the Major as well as in the QF. We had two big maps and then we stumbled in the third against Navi. I think we are getting more and more confident on stage in these matches. I think it's about time.


A mistake that could have costed BIG the map

BIG started the series with the pistol round win and then a follow-up round. The next few rounds came down to some really close clutches, including a stellar 1v2 by TeSeS to help Heroic win its 4th round.

It was a back and forth map with BIG finding really unlikely wins, but then also losing rounds that are in their favor. The match went back and forth with both teams tied at 7-7. BIG baited the Heroic players to go to the B bombsite in the final round, ultimately taking the lead in the first half. 

Heroic started off strong in the second half, winning six rounds in a row. Sjuush was particularly impressive during these rounds, often opening up bomb sites on his own. His positioning and reflexes allowed Heroic to break through the BIG defense on multiple occasions. 

But talking about the BIG defense, German fans were in for a treat in the next few rounds. BIG stitched together seven consecutive rounds to reach map point. While Sjuush was trying his best on Heroic, Syrson on BIG had something to say about the Heroic offense. 

But a few crucial mistakes by BIG on the 30th round allowed Heroic an entry into the B bombsite. Heroic took the match to OT and it was a fantastic start to the final day of the tournament. 

That round will haunt BIG as Heroic went on to win the Overtime cleanly without losing a single round. After winning BIG’s map pick, the two teams now moved on to Overpass, Heroic’s map choice.

Heroic didn;t have a great start to the Pinnacle Cup. However, as the tournament has progressed, the Danish squad looks better and better with each passing map. Almost every player on the Heroic roster stepped up in the match against BIG. For Heroic fans, they can only hope that Heroic players carry this momentum into the Grand Finals. 

A Heroic CT mastercalass on Overpass

The Pinnacle Cup has a very enthusiastic crowd cheering for the best plays for players from both Heroic and BIG. Image Credit: <a href="https://twitter.com/PinnacleEsports" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Pinnacle Cup</a>.
The Pinnacle Cup has a very enthusiastic crowd cheering for the best plays for players from both Heroic and BIG. Image Credit: Pinnacle Cup.

Heroic continued with its superior form from the last match, buoyed by the momentum from the last few rounds. The Danish team won the first couple of rounds before BIG strung together four rounds to take a 6-2 lead. As a map, Overpass is slightly tilted towards the CT side and it was no surprise to see BIG finish the first half with a 9-6 lead.

But the Danish side showed the prowess of their CT side winning the first five consecutive rounds on the CT side.

Towards the end of Overpass, it seemed BIG was out of steam with Heroic putting up some dominating defense.

Despite the score, BIG had a fantastic run through the tournament with the various changes to the roster. They made it to the Pinnacle Cup Grand Finals and almost won Mirage, a result that could have possibly turned the result of this series.

I think we are getting more and more confident on stage in these matches. I think it's about time [we perform in the big games]; I certainly hope so

Heroic Teses at the pinnacle cup

Heroic will face Astralis in the Pinnacle Cup Grand Finals, a Danish derby. Sjussh had a fantastic performance on Mirage and had a dominating performance on Overpass as well. Will they be able to keep up their performance against Astralis?

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