GODSENT come into IEM Katowice as a top 15 team. But with their immense firepower and solid tactical base, they have the potential to take some scalps.

In an era where veterans of the Americas are creating projects like EG and the Last Dance, TACO and GODSENT are a breath of fresh air.

Legendary support in the LG-SK Era, Epitácio "TACO" de Melo has transitioned into a solid IGL for young Brazilians. With fraggers like Eduardo "dumau" Wolkmer, Bruno "b4rtiN" Câmara, Bruno "latto" Rebelatto, and previously-underutilized star João "felps" Vasconcellos, GODSENT is here to compete with the best.

Q: We last saw you at IEM Winter where you made the playoffs. How have you been preparing for IEM Katowice?

GODSENT TACO: We prepared really well for this tournament. We are feeling really confident even though our plans didn't go as planned. We planned to come to Europe early this year to have a month's boot camp, but it was not possible because we had to face some health problems in Brazil. So we had two weeks in Brazil playing against Brazilian teams and just practicing and trying to get rid of ring rust.

So after the two weeks in Brazil, we came to Poland where we could practice against European teams for a week. And the practice actually went better than what we expected. So that's why we are feeling really prepared, even though we only had eight days here in Europe to practice and prepare for IEM Katowice. We feel like we did everything we could and we work really hard, many hours a day. And that's why we have the feeling that we are prepared to play in this tournament.

The AWP is a role that is still open in our team. We're going to keep doing that our way.


Q: In your team. You have an unusual style where all five players have picked up the AWP at different times. Is that still the case or are you trying to focus on one player instead?

GODSENT TACO: I think the player that is picking up the most is dumau right now, but still, it's not a rule. Everybody in the team can help. Everyone can buy the AWP and play with it. There are no rules. We are still playing around with it and using setups around it.

We can double AWP if we want. I mean, the AWP is a role that is still open in our team. We're going to keep doing that our way.

Q: Do you think GODSENT could be this surprise or breakthrough team of the year?

GODSENT felps: I think for GODSENT, it's not much of a surprise. We showed it last year that we have the potential to be the top ten teams of the world, right, and then our plan for this year is stability. We need to keep improving every month at tournaments getting experience, especially for the young players, right?

I think that's a secret for trying to be top five, top ten in the world. But as TACO said before, we need to keep it with time. We need to improve. We need to make mistakes and we need to fix mistakes.

Q: How long are you guys away from reaching your peak levels?

GODSENT felps: I don't want to put a timing for this. Right. Let's see what happens during the year and it's not five months in one year, but obviously, we will try to do more than we did last year. It's our focus now; it's our goal. Let's try to stay in the top ten. Let's see what happens in the future.

Q: Do you guys see yourself as the best and most promising team in South America right now?

GODSENT TACO: I'm not sure about the best because we still have to prove ourselves. But the most promising team, I'm 100% sure that we are the most promising team in South America. If you look at the results we had last year, the tournaments we played last year, I think we accomplished every goal that we had to accomplish.

I wouldn't say that we are the best even though the ranks now show that we are the best-ranked South American team. But I would wait until we play a few tournaments this year. But the most promising team, I'm sure we are.

We are not planning to be only the best Brazilian team. We are planning to be the best in the world.


Q: Do you think you can beat Furia to be the best Brazilian team?

GODSENT TACO: Last year when it mattered the most we won the IEM Winter qualifier against them. So it's still really early to say. But I think we can do this. We're capable of this. Definitely. I believe in my teammates, I believe in my team, I believe in myself. We have a goal. We're going to follow our goal. And we are not planning to be only the best Brazilian team. We are planning to be the best in the world. So I don't really think much about that.

Q: Your former teammates Coldzera and Fallen have recently assembled two interesting projects in 00Nation and the Last Dance. What are your thoughts on these teams?

GODSENT TACO: I think 00Nation is a really good team. They are very promising. They have good players and they have Coldzera, who was the best CS:GO player in the world in 2016 and 17. So they have what it takes to be a very strong team. It's hard to say because they are only at the start of the project, but I just wish them the best of luck.

About the Last Dance, it's hard to say because they haven't played any matches yet. I don't know how good they will be. I don't know if they will be able to fight against the top contenders. And I also wish them the best of luck. We really like each other. I really wish them the best. I try to focus on my team the most of I can, but the most I can. And also it's hard to make any kind of thought without watching them play.I hope to see them on the top because it's good for our region and it's good for our country. It's good for Counter-Strike, too.

Q: Your first match is against MOUZ with the new NBK lineup. Unfortunately, they have to use JDC as a stand-in. What are your thoughts on that match?

GODSENT TACO: As a competitor, I always want to play against the best and it's for them. It's also an unfortunate situation. I wish Bymas a fast recovery and I wish he will be able to come back to the team as soon as possible and play the next tournament. They already changed a lot, lost ropz and got NBK. So it's a bit of difficult preparation for us.

We decided to focus on ourselves. We had a good boot camp. And we have a lot of things on the maps. We are very confident in all seven maps and we're going to play our game and we're going to play with confidence and we're going to do our best to beat them. We are not afraid of MOUZ. I just want to play a good match of counterstrike and let's see what happens.

Q: What are your thoughts on the combined Americas RMR?

GODSENT TACO: I think the fact that we have some Brazilian teams choosing to play in America is only about the schedule because it was really last minute that Valve decided to share the dates with us. For example, we had some qualifiers to play. We tried to make a schedule for the beginning of the year and changing the schedule could cost thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars because of that.

So that's why the reason we are playing is just because of the schedule. Otherwise, we would be playing in Brazil. It's really difficult being a Brazilian player with all the travels we have to do so every time we can do less travel, we do that. Especially with the world's condition right now, with COVID and all these things together, it's not healthy to keep traveling as much.

I think the fact that they changed the rules and they made it possible for the South American teams to play in a two, I think it helps a lot. And it was needed, at least for now. Otherwise, it would be really difficult for us.

GODSENT may not have the big names of a team like NIP, but under TACO's able leadership, they are a strong team that will give the favorites trouble. Will they be able to make a deep run at this event? They have to beat MOUZ first to start their run.

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