The org is also working with NIP to discuss ztr’s future

Godsent have announced a few changes to their Counter-Strike roster. The org has benched Erik "⁠ztr⁠" Gustafsson and Johan "⁠hype⁠" Engblom. The team has already announced a stand-in while a fifth player will be revealed later. 

Ztr has been on loan to the Ninjas in Pyjamas and has three months left on his contract. The official statement says that Godsent will collaborate with him and NiP in figuring out the way forward for the player. 

The player Hype, who joined the organisation this summer, has been benched after deciding to take a break from professional Counter-Strike due to personal reasons. We thank him for his short time in the main team, wish him the best and hope for his swift return to professional play.

Meanwhile, Hype is taking a break from professional Counter-Strike due to personal reasons. The player said he might take a break for a few months or it might be a permanent break.

Taking a break from cs mby couple of months mby forever we will see. 

With Golden returning to the roster, Godsent have already announced a stand-in in Sean "⁠eraa⁠" Knutsson. The org also said they will reveal their fifth player in the near future.

What is Godsent’s CS:GO roster?

Godsent’s CS:GO roster is as follows:

  • Maikil "⁠Golden⁠" Selim
  • Nicolas "⁠Plopski⁠" Gonzalez Zamora
  • Jonatan "⁠bobeksde⁠" Persson
  • Sean "⁠eraa⁠" Knutsson (stand-in)
  • Kevin "⁠Kevve⁠" Bohlin (coach)
  • Erik "⁠ztr⁠" Gustafsson (benched)
  • Johan "⁠hype⁠" Engblom (benched)

Godsent has not had a very successful season with multiple last-place finishes in tournaments. The team finished 17-32nd in the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2023: European Open Qualifier #2. This was after they failed to secure their Sydney slot via Qualifier #1. 

Hopefully, their new roster will prove to have more success. With Counter-strike moving to a new version, there are ample opportunities for teams to make a mark for themselves.

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